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Virgo with Aries

Too many differences *

This is a very difficult pairing to make work out long-term, as there are such fundamental differences between these two sign. Aries is a fiery go-getting leader, who does not stand still for anyone and often leaps into action without thinking about it, while Virgo is shy, cautious and thinks a lot about their what they will do before taking a course of action. Aries is fast-thinking and fast-acting in almost every area of their life, while Virgo likes to think about everything and rarely makes any rash decision. Aries lovemaking will also be too much for Virgo, who needs to be warmed up before they feel comfortable with a new lover, while Aries just gets in there as quickly as possible. Aries is too passionate for Virgo, while Virgo is far too cool and to critical for hot-blooded Aries, who will feel unappreciated. To work out if this has any chance of working out, the charts need to be looked at to see what other compatible factors there are. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Virgo with Taurus

Nice couple ****

These two Earth signs will have an intense attraction that will very soon turn into love. These two have a lot in common - both are hard-working, reliable, loyal and faithful. Both Taurus and Virgo prefer to stay in than to go out and socialise, but not that they wont socialise at all, they just prefer each other to a room full of people they don't know. Taurus appreciates Virgo's high intelligence, orderly way they do everything and their caution before taking any action. Virgo appreciate's Taurus' strength of character and stability. Taurus is very patient and will help Virgo to relax and let go of all their worries, anxieties and constant mental chatter. Sexually they are very well matched - Taurus is a very sensuous lover who will bring out the hidden sensuality of Virgo because they are so solid and loyal and make Virgo feel safe enough to show this side of themself. Both are a little shy and will only get together if they really feel a strong connection to one another. Neither wants to have a short fling. Both these signs are serious and will support each other and have a good time together as they have a great many interests in common and will only find more the longer they are together. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Virgo with Gemini

Too cool *

These signs are both ruled by rational, cool and analytical Mercury, planet of communication, but they communicate in very different ways. Gemini is very cerebral, rational and prefers to be quite unemotional. Gemini is very much a flirt, very restless and very scattered. Virgo on the other hand, although quite cerebral and rational themself and very logical too, this does not mean that they do not feel any emotions. Virgo cannot distance themselves from their emotions like Gemini can and that is the problem here. Both can appear to be aloof and cool and emotionless, but the difference is that Gemini does not like to feel their emotions too intensely (they would rather think about them), but Virgo can be quite emotional and under the cool exterior, there are very strong feelings. Gemini is too flirty and not loyal enough for Virgo, while Virgo is too cool, ordered and critical for Gemini. Even their sex life isn't a good match, with Gemini's "try-anything" approach making Virgo feel empty. Not recommended. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Virgo with Cancer

Lovely pairing *****

This is a lovely combination of personalities. Cancer is soft, warm and sensitive, who just wants to take care of and nurture their partner, meanwhile Virgo is hard-working, loyal and reliable, who needs a stable partner to make them feel secure. Both want a serious relationship that has long-term potential with a partner that they can rely on. Both are very sensual - Cancer is the more sensual person, who brings out all of Virgo's amazing sensuality, which is just simmering on the surface, waiting for the right person to emerge. They both have a need to please each other and make each other happy, so arguments never usually last long, even with Cancer's famous moodiness - Virgo knows how to dispel them rationally even. Cancer is more jealous and possessive then Virgo, which can cause some issues, especially when Virgo needs to work late and Cancer just needs some attention. This is a minor issue, as they will always find a way to work it out. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Virgo with Leo

Too different *

These two are very different to each other, but it may possibly work if there are other (compatible) factors in their charts. Leo is very flamboyant, loud and exuberant, yet very romantic and passionate. Virgo, meanwhile is more quite, solid and keeps a lid on their emotions. Leo could be really good for Virgo, as they could bring out this shy person out of their shell and let them shine, while Virgo could bring some stability and normalcy in Leo's life. This is where the difficulty lies because Leo may be a little too dramatic and outgoing for shy and quiet Virgo, which means they will stay in their shell and wont open up to Leo. This will make Leo more demanding of attention, affection and Virgo will remain aloof. If they can learn to compromise or if there are other compatible factors, then this has hope because Virgo wants a stronger partner who they can please and nothing pleases Leo more than a partner to adore them. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Virgo with Virgo

Too similar, but ok ***

Two Virgo's together is nice, but not really a very exciting relationship. They will both love it that they have found someone who is as clean, neat, ordered and analytical as they are. They are both shy and wont enter into a relationship unless they are serious about it. They are both very sensitive and need someone that is discrete and loyal, which they both are. They have a lot of interests in common and like to analyse and discuss everything to the nth degree before making a decision. They are both loyal partners, who love to help and do whatever they can for their partner. There may not be much passion or fire in their relationship (unless there are some fire or even water signs in their charts), so this means they will just coast along without any major highs or intense passionate feelings, but that might suit them just fine. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Virgo with Libra

Can work ***

This is an interesting match, because it can work but only if there is enough compromise on both parts (and also if there are other compatible factors in the charts). Both Virgo and Libra love to please their partner and both like to discuss any issues or problems in their relationship, so they will usually be able to resolve things quite well. Libra's attentiveness and openness to lovemaking will open up Virgo enough to let their hidden sensuality really come to the fore - this will be really great for both. The only thing that may cause a problem is Libra is more sociable and extravagant with money (and flirty too), whereas Virgo is more discrete, frugal and reserved. Differences over money causes a lot of problems for couples. Plus Libra's need to meet people and socialise may cause Virgo to feel a bit insecure. With compromise and other compatible factors though, this can work well for both. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.

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Virgo with Scorpio

Great match ****

This is a great match for both signs. Virgo loves the way Scorpio is a little protective of their Virgo lover and gets a bit jealous and possessive as it makes Virgo feel very secure and loved. Scorpio meanwhile is very enamoured with their intelligent, sweet and discrete Virgo lover. Virgo's security with Scorpio allows him to open up to his sensuality, which means they have fabulous sex. Both are completely loyal to one another and would never hurt each other on purpose, nor will they ever humiliate the other. They have a great deal of respect for each other. Their love will help them both feel comfortable enough to at least try to open up and express their feelings (which both have problems with). Virgo's willingness to do anything for their partner makes Scorpio feel very secure and want to do even more for their Virgo lover. This is a match made for keeps. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Virgo with Sagittarius

Don't go there *

These two are so different it would be amazing if they even got together in the first place! There is very little in common between Virgo and Sagittarius that they are unlikely to even be attracted to each other at all (unless there are some other factors in their chats). In the event that they are attracted to one another, it is because they have other compatible factors in their chart which over-ride their sun sign incompatibility. Virgo is serious, orderly, saves for the future and has a reserved nature. Sagittarius on the other hand is outgoing, flirty, party animal who loves nothing better than having the freedom to come and go as she pleases. The only thing they have in common is their mind - both are very intelligent and love nothing better than having a good chat about any subject, the more complex the better, but apart from that, there is very little else that would bind them together. Sagittarius is too unconventional in the bedroom for Virgo, so even sex is not very satisfying for either. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Virgo with Capricorn

Good match ***

This is a nice match for both, but there wont be too much fire or excitement in this relationship as both are know for their cool and aloof behaviour and the coolness of their emotions. Both Virgo and Capricorn are serious, discrete, hardworking and serious, so they will be able to achieve a lot of their goals together with each other's support - Virgo especially will do anything to help Capricorn. Capricorn will take the lead in their love-making, which Virgo loves, as they are not very forward in asking for what they want sexually. Capricorn's loyalty and stability will be more than enough for Virgo to open up their sensuality to Capricorn, which is a good thing for both as it means their love-making will be supremely enjoyable. Both Virgo and Capricorn will love and support each other and wont commit to a relationship unless they are serious about. Neither are known for emotional dramas, so this will be a placid, calm relationship where they achieve a lot together. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.

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Virgo with Aquarius

Too different *

Interestingly, while there are some major intellectual similarities between these two signs - both are rational, intellectualise their thoughts and even their feels, as well as compartmentalising what they think and feel - this is the only area that they have anything in common. And while Virgo appears emotionally cool and aloof, they are actually quite sensitive (they just don't show it to the world), whereas Aquarius is very cool emotionally because they do not like to feel their emotions, but rather to think about them - so this is a huge difference. Virgo is very conventional and conservative, while Aquarius is the total opposite - they want to have the most unconventional experiences possible. Virgo wants to plan and save for the future while Aquarius has no thoughts for the future other than saving the world. Virgo wants a serious relationship while Aquarius wants to experience as much (and as many people) as possible. Even sexually they are badly matched, as Aquarius leaves Virgo cold with their kinky requests (unless Virgo has some Scorpio in their chart). and emotional not a good match. Not recommended. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Virgo with Pisces

Opposites sometimes attract ***

These two opposites are very attracted to one another when they meet. Virgo is fascinated with this sweet, sensitive, dreamy and emotionally aware Pisces person, while Pisces is enthralled with this totally together, intelligent and interesting Virgo person. The attraction may develop into an everlasting love that is a long-term relationship, if they can compromise and have other compatible factors in their charts. Pisces brings out Virgo's sensuality, which means their love-making will be fantastic. Pisces will also help to bring out Virgo's sensitive side, will make it safe for Virgo to open up. But, after a while, Pisces dreaminess, clutter life and house, as well as their inability to get their act together may frustrate Virgo, who is ordered and a bit of a neat freak. Pisces on the other hand may feel pressured to change (when they don't want to), just to prove their love. If Virgo can just handle a little bit of Pisces' clutter and if Pisces can try to live in reality, be honest and get a bit more practical, this can work very well for both. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.



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