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How Compatibility is Determined

Who do you love to love?

There are a lot of factors involved with compatibility between two people, not just looking at how compatible their sun signs are. Although, in general, sun sign compatibility is a pretty good starting tool to working out how well people will get along, it does not always hold true because the rest of the charts of the two people may be very different.

To work out how compatible you are with your loved ones, you need to get an actual astrological report done.

Compatibility can only be determined when the charts of both people are calculated and interpreted.


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Compatibility of the Signs

Who is most compatible with you?

You can find who is compatible with you just find your star (or sun) sign below and you will find a free compatibility rating and other information for your sign with the other signs:


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The Combined Chart (Synastry)

How the two charts are combined to work it out

Synastry is a way of combing the two charts of the individuals to work out how compatible they are, what the favourable aspects in their relationship and what challenges they face.

Synastry is a good way of working out how to iron out the difficult times and learn how to tolerate each other’s challenging behaviours (if possible).


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Compatibility Factors

What makes people get along

There are several factors that help people get along and work on being together in a relationship to make it successful:

  • Attraction
  • Compromise
  • Empathy
  • Give and take
  • Good communication
  • Tolerance
  • Understanding


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