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Cancer with Aries

Can work sometimes ***

There is a great deal of attraction with this couple - Aries is fascinated with the quiet sensuality of Cancer and Cancer is very attracted to the exciting Aries go-getter. Sexually, they are a good match - wild Aries bring out all of Cancer's sensuality and allows them to be free in the bedroom. But after the initial attraction (and great sex), there are a lot of differences which may mean this relationship may not always work out well long-term. Aries loves action and adventure and they don't want to be tied down and restricted by anyone. Cancer on the other hand, loves being at home, they love stability and consistency and loyalty, which Aries may not always be able to provide, but at least it will be an exciting relationship. Cancer may be a little too sensitive to handle Aries' angry outbursts, which even though they do not last very long, may startle and hurt Cancer too much. This combination can work if there are other compatible factors in the two charts and especially if the Aries is male (or the dominant partner) and Cancer female (or the submissive partner). For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Cancer with Taurus

Great match *****

This is a wonderful love match. Taurus provides all the security, reliability and stability that Cancer requires to feel safe in a loving relationship. Meanwhile, Cancer will do everything possible for their Taurus lover. Both Taurus and Cancer love to be homebodies, are sensual and will have an active sex and extremely satisfactory sex life. Plus, Taurus is one of the few signs that can handle Cancer's moodiness - which is an amazing thing in itself - just the fact that Taurus is so solid and reliable and someone that Cancer can trust, will soon help dispel the moodiness of Cancer (which is only a manifestation of their insecurity anyway). They both value the security and trust they feel with each other and will always stick by and support each other. Taurus needs someone soft like Cancer, to bring out their sensitivity, while Cancer needs a rock, someone to lean on and support them, which is exactly what their Taurus lover is. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Cancer with Gemini

Not much in common *

Two people with very little in common, other than a fascination for someone who is totally unlike them and a strong sexual attraction because of this. Gemini will be attracted to Cancer's emotional vulnerability and strong emotions at first (mainly because Gemini does not like to feel their emotions and needs an emotional lover to help them feel more), while Cancer will be endlessly entertained by their enchanting Gemini lover. This may last for a little while, until Gemini's flirty behaviour starts to grate on Cancer, who will sulk for hours at this indignation. Gemini on the other hand, doesn't understand what all the fuss is about, to them it's nothing. This further incenses Cancer, for whom this is indeed something. Gemini's behaviour will soon make Cancer feel very insecure and unloved (not that they are not, but this is how they will feel) and Gemini will tire of the moodiness and will seek a less emotionally complicated partner. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Cancer with Cancer

Warm and fuzzy *****

What a lovely couple these two make (as long as they are not in a bad mood, when they could potentially sulk for days, with both too stubborn and proud to break the ice). They have so much in common and are so sensitive that they feel no-one else can understand them at all, until they meet each other. Finally they have met someone who is so similar, who is as sympathetic and has the same needs and is as emotionally sensitive as they are. They are both sentimental and romantic, who will have an anniversary for everything - even the first fight they had. They both want to please and take care of each other in all ways and this is because they are both such nurturers - they can both go overboard in this sometimes, but at least they have a partner who understand this. Sexually they are well matched - sex is an emotional union for both. The only problem is the moodiness of both - if neither is willing to talk, then nothing will ever be resolved. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Cancer with Leo

Not a bad match ****

This is a match that can work, depending on whether Leo can be the dominating one and if Cancer can be the less dominating one. If there is just a little compromise on Leo's part, this can be a really good match for both because Leo wants an adoring partner who will take care of them, and that is exactly what Cancer is. Leo is loud, exuberant and glamourous, they demand attention wherever they go, while Cancer on the other hand is more subdued and quiet. Leo wants to take the lead and Cancer is very willing to let them - this works so well for both. Sexually, they are a great match, as Leo needs attention and Cancer just wants to please their partner. Leo's exuberance soon removes any Cancer moodiness and Cancer appreciates the strength of Leo, who is someone they can lean on. Both are very loyal, so if Leo can be a little bit more sensitive to Cancer, this is almost a perfect match for both. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Cancer with Virgo

Lovely pairing *****

This is a lovely combination of personalities. Cancer is soft, warm and sensitive, who just wants to take care of and nurture their partner, meanwhile Virgo is hard-working, loyal and reliable, who needs a stable partner to make them feel secure. Both want a serious relationship that has long-term potential with a partner that they can rely on. Both are very sensual - Cancer is the more sensual person, who brings out all of Virgo's amazing sensuality, which is just simmering on the surface, waiting for the right person to emerge. They both have a need to please each other and make each other happy, so arguments never usually last long, even with Cancer's famous moodiness - Virgo knows how to dispel them rationally even. Cancer is more jealous and possessive then Virgo, which can cause some issues, especially when Virgo needs to work late and Cancer just needs some attention. This is a minor issue, as they will always find a way to work it out. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Cancer with Libra

Can work ***

This can work, but only if there are other compatible factors in their charts, as there is a basic compatibility between these two. Both Libra and Cancer want to please (and pleasure) their partner - in fact, they both live for it, albeit in different ways, but the end result is the same - they need to love someone to be happy. The only issues that may come up are Libra's flirty behaviour (they don't see it as harmful), but this causes Cancer to feel very insecure, jealous and possessive and they will sulk. Even though Libra may not be able to handle Cancer's moodiness, as they do not want an emotional showdown, they generally wont try to cajole them too hard out of their mood, which will incense Cancer no end, who will feel unloved. If Libra is a very superficial person and Cancer is too emotional, this wont work, otherwise if they have more compatible factors in their charts, this can work well - at least their home will be immaculate and beautiful. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Cancer with Scorpio

Deep, intense attraction *****

Fantastic match. This is a couple destined to stay together forever. Cancer appreciates Scorpio's intensity is totally attracted to their magnetism and sensuality, while Scorpio has found such a sensual, caring and loving person who will do anything for them. The loyalty they show each other is amazing and unfaltering. They feel safe in each other's arms, as they know nothing can hurt them because they are together. Scorpio's strength is a boon for Cancer, who needs a strong partner to take care of them, yet conversely Cancer's nurturing nature is something Scorpio appreciates a lot. They are both sensitive emotionally to the world and to each other, they have a lot of intuition which is enhanced when they are together. Sexually, they know exactly how to please each other - both treat their sexual union as sacred, which only makes it better between them. Interestingly, their jealousy and possessiveness makes the other feel secure. This a relationship that will last. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.

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Cancer with Sagittarius

Too different *

These two will be attracted to each other, initially, but it will soon go downhill from there. Cancer finds Sagittarius hilariously funny and so interesting and amusing, while Sagittarius finds Cancer very sweet and loving and thoughtful. Cancer though, needs a lot more security and stability than their Sagittarius lover can give them. Cancer needs a partner who can handle their dependence and emotional needs. Sagittarius, on the other hand is very independent and wants the same in a partner, so this is an huge area for contention. There are many more serious differences in their personalities and preferences - Cancer wants to spend as much time alone with their partner on romantic interludes, but Sagittarius wants to socialise and be free to talk to others, Cancer needs emotional stability, whereas Sagittarius wants freedom. This is a difficult match, even with other compatible factors in the charts (unless they are overwhelmingly strong). For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Cancer with Capricorn

Nice match ****

Opposites that attract and can make it work really well together, long-term. Cancer is very attracted to Capricorn's strength and resilience, as they know they can trust this person to be loyal to them and is someone who will take care not to play with their very sensitive emotions. Capricorn is very attracted to Cancer's sensuality and warmth, their attention to their home and their fierce loyalty. Capricorn appreciates a partner who will support them and this is something Cancer does very well, willingly. Both can get jealous and possessive, but Cancer's emotions tend to be more intense, as Capricorn has more control over their emotions (which is a trait that Cancer both loves and hates). Both are shy and sensitive, so in order to get together, they will really think about the long-term potential before engaging in a serious relationship. The only spoiler may be Cancer's moodiness, which Capricorn may not be able to handle well at all. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Cancer with Aquarius

Not very good *

Not a very compatible couple. There are some serious differences between these two - Cancer needs a partner who will always be there for them, who they can depend on and someone who will be totally faithful and loyal to them. Aquarius meanwhile, needs to have independence, no questions about where they were last night and do not have the same views on loyalty to a partner that Cancer has. Aquarius is too aloof, both physically and emotionally for sensitive Cancer, who will feel very hurt if their lover ignores them or does not shower them with love and affection (or if their partner does not allow Cancer to shower them with love). Aquarius on the other hand, feels very trapped if a lover wants too much emotional attachment like Cancer does. In addition, Aquarius just cannot handle all the emotional dramas, which come aplenty with a Cancerian lover - this is what will really drive Aquarius away, Cancer's emotional needs, which they simply cannot cater to. This is a difficult match. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.

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Cancer with Pisces

Deep, heartfelt match *****

A beautiful match - two sensitive and romantic souls unite. Both Cancer and Pisces are water signs, who are emotional, sensitive, sympathetic and caring people. Their intuition is really heightened when they are with each other, so they instinctively know when there is something wrong with the other person and will provide the emotional support they need, plus they just "know" how to please their lover sexually. Sex will be an almost healing and spiritual experience for them both, with lots of affection and love between them. Pisces is very romantic and Cancer laps up all of this attention, while Cancer is extremely sensual and brings this out in Pisces. They will adore each other and be devoted and loyal. They can really help each other to succeed in life, as they are both very supportive of each other, no matter what they do. This is one for the long-term. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.



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