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Aquarius with Aries

Great match *****

This is a great match for both these signs. This couple has a lot of interests in common. Aries can be a little wild and dangerous, which perfectly suits Aquarius, who loves nothing more than a partner who is up for experimentation in all areas of their life. This means that Aries is more than excited by the kinky experimentation Aquarius has planned in their boudoir antics and this pleases Aquarius no end. Aries has an adventurous spirit, which is a great match for Aquarius who needs a partner that is open to trying anything. Both value and respect each others independence (although Aquarius can be a little too independent even for Aries at times, but it's nothing they cannot work out). They both want something unpredictable and exciting, which they have found with each other. Aquarius keeps Aries amused with his sense of humour, while Aries is the ultimate prankster and Aquarius is one sign that can handle this aspect of Aries. This relationship will certainly never be boring for either person. This relationship is one for keeps. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Aquarius with Taurus

Too different *

Two more different people could not exist. Aquarius is too "way out" and has too many eccentric and unconventional idea for Taurus, who needs to be with people who are a little more conservative and straight-laced. These two have very different ideas in almost every area - Taurus wants security, stability and continuance, while Aquarius needs to question everything, look for different answers and does not want to be moored by anyone or anything. Aquarius needs more freedom than Taurus is prepared to give them, which will only ignite Taurus' jealousy and possessiveness and this will serve only to further alienate Aquarius. Plus Aquarius' sexual requests will leave Taurus cold. This will just lead to both feeling very angry with each other and not being able to express it because Aquarius does not want to have an emotional show-down and Taurus just feels too resentful to say what is on his mind. This relationship is not recommended as these two are very different. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Aquarius with Gemini

Excellent coupling ****

This is an excellent match for both Aquarius and Gemini. They may even feel like they have met their perfect match, someone who understands them better than anyone else ever has. Both Gemini and Aquarius are fiercely independent, articulate, witty, intelligent, sociable and have so many things in common. Both are open (and restless) enough to try new and exciting things together, whenever the whim takes them. Gemini will always feel like they have met someone who understands and even accepts their flightiness and their inability to commit, while Aquarius appreciates a partner who lets them be themselves and does not judge them at all. Both are very cerebral and tend to think about their emotions rather than actually feeling them. Sexually, both are experimental and enjoy making love with each other (and whatever else they bring in the bedroom). They will always be friends, no matter how their relationship turns out, because they have a really strong respect for each other, which is the basis of any good friendship. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Aquarius with Cancer

Not very good *

Not a very compatible couple. There are some serious differences between these two - Cancer needs a partner who will always be there for them, who they can depend on and someone who will be totally faithful and loyal to them. Aquarius meanwhile, needs to have independence, no questions about where they were last night and do not have the same views on loyalty to a partner that Cancer has. Aquarius is too aloof, both physically and emotionally for sensitive Cancer, who will feel very hurt if their lover ignores them or does not shower them with love and affection (or if their partner does not allow Cancer to shower them with love). Aquarius on the other hand, feels very trapped if a lover wants too much emotional attachment like Cancer does. In addition, Aquarius just cannot handle all the emotional dramas, which come aplenty with a Cancerian lover - this is what will really drive Aquarius away, Cancer's emotional needs, which they simply cannot cater to. This is a difficult match. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Aquarius with Leo

Both stubborn, but can work ***

Opposites that attract, but may or may not work depending on a few factors (and the ability of both to compromise). There is definitely a strong attraction between these two signs, due to them being opposite in nature. Leo is sunny, outgoing and sociable, which appeals to Aquarius, while Aquarius' independence and "out-there" way of thinking appeals to Leo. Aquarius' unconventional nature also appeals to Leo. The problems may come up because they may have some issues when it comes to emotions and sex. Aquarius is rather cool and detached emotionally and this makes Leo feel very insecure, as they need a lot of attention and affection from their lover. Aquarius' experimental approach to love-making will also upset Leo, who prefers things a little more conventional (although they are not completely straight-up, they are not as kinky as Aquarius). If there are other compatible factors in their charts, then this relationship has even better chances of succeeding long-term. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.

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Aquarius with Virgo

Too different *

Interestingly, while there are some major intellectual similarities between these two signs - both are rational, intellectualise their thoughts and even their feels, as well as compartmentalising what they think and feel - this is the only area that they have anything in common. And while Virgo appears emotionally cool and aloof, they are actually quite sensitive (they just don't show it to the world), whereas Aquarius is very cool emotionally because they do not like to feel their emotions, but rather to think about them - so this is a huge difference. Virgo is very conventional and conservative, while Aquarius is the total opposite - they want to have the most unconventional experiences possible. Virgo wants to plan and save for the future while Aquarius has no thoughts for the future other than saving the world. Virgo wants a serious relationship while Aquarius wants to experience as much (and as many people) as possible. Even sexually they are badly matched, as Aquarius leaves Virgo cold with their kinky requests (unless Virgo has some Scorpio in their chart). and emotional not a good match. Not recommended. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Aquarius with Libra

Great match ****

Opposites that really attract and can have a really great relationship. Gemini loves the sunny, warm, outgoing and independent Sagittarius who will entertain them for hours with their antics. Meanwhile Sagittarius loves the intelligent, witty, fun-loving and independent Gemini who is just as flirty as they are. They are both into having lots of fun with a partner, they will have such fun together, with Gemini's wit and Sagittarius' entertaining personality giving them endless hours of joy and fun. They will be a hit at parties, with their funny stories and witty repartee. Neither person will ever get too emotional - neither will not put heavy emotional demands on each other. Sexually, this will be great, because Aquarius has found a very willing partner in all the experimental sexual activities he likes (Libra loves to please their lover, so will do whatever they want sexually). This may not last unless they both have some earth signs in their charts, to give them both some stability and ground them enough to stay together. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Aquarius with Scorpio

Different styles *

Two very different people who don't have a lot in common. Scorpio needs a partner who will provide them security, make them feel safe enough to express their strong emotions and someone who will love them unconditionally. Aquarius on the other hand, needs to have a lot of freedom, is very does not want to get too emotional and wants to experiment with a partner who should not expect a lot of emotional support. These are two people who are complete opposites. Aquarius is too emotionally cool for Scorpio, who will feel very insecure about their lover. Scorpio's insecurity always brings out their jealousy, which will totally put Aquarius off, as Aquarius cannot tolerate any emotional dramas. Scorpio is too dominating and stubborn for Aquarius, who wants a more relaxed and easy-going partner, who will let them have the freedom to come and go as they please, which is not ideal for their Scorpio partner. The only area they will mesh well is in the bedroom, but this one area of compatibility isn't nearly enough to sustain this relationship. This is not recommended. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Aquarius with Sagittarius

Exciting couple *****

These two have such an amazingly great time together - they have so much in common and even the differences are totally complementary and are a positive for this couple's relationship longevity. Both are completely in love with their independence and could not handle a lover who tries to restrict them in any way, so neither ever feels tied down by the other - this is an area of complete compatibility for both. Both Aquarius and Sagittarius have a strong intellectual compatibility, which is a turn-on for both, as they both need to have intellectual rapport with someone before they can even imagine having a physical relationship. Sexually, both are very experimental and will love to try new experiences - they will have lots of fun in the bedroom! Neither is particularly emotional, but that's how they like it. They will be great friends first and foremost and will do a lot for each other. Love will surprise them both when it comes (and it surely will). This relationship has great prospects for being a long-term one. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Aquarius with Capricorn

Very different *

Capricorn does not understand Aquarius at all, who is far too unpredictable and unconventional for them. Aquarius probably finds Capricorn too serious, too conservative and too stoic to really even be attracted to them. If this couple does get together, its probably because they are intrigued by someone who is so different to them and want to find more and to see if they are up for the challenge (they usually find the challenge is too much and not worth it) . These two have such different personalities - Capricorn is very home and family orientated, they want a discrete partner who will support them and be totally loyal, Aquarius on the other hand wants the freedom to do as he pleases, he is totally unconventional and wants to be free to express himself as he pleases and he is not bound by the rules of relationships, as he follows his own rules. These two are are too different to make this relationship work out long-term - unless they both have other major compatible factors in their charts. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.

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Aquarius with Aquarius

Beautiful, works well *****

Two people who really like each other a lot and no matter how their relationship ends up (unless there are some very weird aspects in their chart), they will always remain good friends. These two are so glad to have found a partner who has the same eccentric sense of humour, the same ability to be witty and funny about anything. They are both very articulate which will mean they appreciate a person who is just as intelligent as they are. They are both very open to experiencing new adventures and will gad about trying to outdo their last amazing feat. Sexually, they are matched completely - they are both very wildly experimental and anything will go in their bedroom! They are both interested in the betterment of man and will often be out at rallies or support groups for various groups as they really want the best for humanity. They are both emotionally cool and wont ever give their lover an emotional ultimatum or create emotional dramas, which is perfect for both as they cannot handle those kinds of emotional things. This has the potential to be a great relationship long-term. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Aquarius with Pisces

Can work, sometimes ***

These two people are often very attracted to one another. Aquarius is drawn to the romantic and sweet Pisces, while Pisces is really attracted to Aquarius idealistic nature. Pisces is just a romantic dreamer, who just wants someone to love and so because they are so attracted to Aquarius' idealism, they will just follow Aquarius and do just about anything they request. This will suit Aquarius for a while, but when Pisces' emotional demands become too much (and they will), Aquarius will feel that they are losing their freedom. Pisces will never be emotionally demanding, it's just that Pisces is emotionally needy and this is not something that Aquarius can really provide, as they prefer to keep a cool distance from their emotions (and anyone else's). This is the major hurdle for these two - the emotional intimacy that Pisces needs is not something that Aquarius can (or will provide). Sexually they are a great match, as Pisces really is up for any and all experimentation that Aquarius suggests, so for a while, this relationship can work, but the emotional mismatch means it just may not last. It all depends on the rest of their charts and how much Aquarius can compromise. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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