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Scorpio with Aries

Strong attraction ***

Wow, what a powerhouse of an attraction there is between this couple. They will be totally consumed with each other (for a little while), with the physical attraction powerful, all-consuming and passionate. While the physical side of this relationship will be amazingly good, the rest of the relationship, however may not work out well. Aries does not like to be controlled and will rebel at Scorpio's many attempts at control, while Scorpio will not like the fact that Aries likes to go out without Scorpio as this makes Scorpio feel very insecure and jealous. They will argue fiercely and make up just as fiercely. This is perfect for a short-term affair, but long term, this relationship may not have great prospects. Aries will soon tire of Scorpio's possessiveness and Scorpio will hate Aries' need for independence, despite the great physical connection they have. This can work if there are other compatible factors in the charts. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Scorpio with Taurus

Sizzling attraction ****

Wow, what an attraction between these two opposite signs. This is one relationship where opposites do attract very strongly and can work out quite well long-term. Both Taurus and Scorpio are such strong, determined signs, who will do anything for their loved ones. Both are extremely sensuous signs and sex will be absolutely sizzling because Taurus can go as long as Scorpio has the passion and power to sustain their love-making! Both are very loyal and will stay true to each other. They have similar values in many areas, which is a good sign for longevity. Scorpio will teach Taurus the meaning of spiritual union when they make love and Taurus will teach Scorpio about patience. The only area that may cause some issues is their jealousy and possessiveness, which can get a bit out of control. If they can manage this area, this can be a relationship which fulfils them both and lasts forever. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Scorpio with Gemini

Fatal attraction *

Both Gemini and Scorpio seem to have this intense fascination with each other - Gemini is intrigued by this intense, magnetic and emotional Scorpio person while Scorpio seems to be totally enthralled with this exceptionally intelligent, interesting and entertaining Gemini person. They will be very attracted to one another and it would seem that it is a perfect match for both. But no. This match is not recommended for either. Because Gemini does not like to feel their emotions they are often attracted to emotional people and no-one is more emotional than Scorpio. Gemini would do well to leave Scorpio alone, as it will soon become apparent that Scorpio needs a soul connection, while Gemini is quite happy to flit on the surface and never get that emotional. Gemini will incur Scorpio's wrath, not only their jealousy and Scorpio will soon realise that this is not for them. This may not even work even if there are other compatible factors in both charts because of the clash of personality traits.. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Scorpio with Cancer

Deep, intense attraction *****

Fantastic match. This is a couple destined to stay together forever. Cancer appreciates Scorpio's intensity is totally attracted to their magnetism and sensuality, while Scorpio has found such a sensual, caring and loving person who will do anything for them. The loyalty they show each other is amazing and unfaltering. They feel safe in each other's arms, as they know nothing can hurt them because they are together. Scorpio's strength is a boon for Cancer, who needs a strong partner to take care of them, yet conversely Cancer's nurturing nature is something Scorpio appreciates a lot. They are both sensitive emotionally to the world and to each other, they have a lot of intuition which is enhanced when they are together. Sexually, they know exactly how to please each other - both treat their sexual union as sacred, which only makes it better between them. Interestingly, their jealousy and possessiveness makes the other feel secure. This a relationship that will last. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Scorpio with Leo

Instant attraction, may not work ***

Libra and Scorpio are very physically attracted to each other at the start, but this may not enough to make this work out long-term (unless they have some compatibility in other areas of their charts). After the honeymoon phase is over, the differences will usually show up very clearly - Leo will be overbearing and dominating, which wont suit Scorpio who also wants to be the dominant one, although they are more subtle about it. While Leo can handle a bit of jealousy and possessiveness from their partner (after all they have these traits too), they cannot handle Scorpio's emotional intensity. Leo wants a little less drama from others as they create enough for everyone. Scorpio wants a partner they can trust completely and who doesn't talk too much. Making up after arguments will be fabulous for both, but is that enough for a long term relationship? For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Scorpio with Virgo

Great match ****

This is a great match for both signs. Virgo loves the way Scorpio is a little protective of their Virgo lover and gets a bit jealous and possessive as it makes Virgo feel very secure and loved. Scorpio meanwhile is very enamoured with their intelligent, sweet and discrete Virgo lover. Virgo's security with Scorpio allows him to open up to his sensuality, which means they have fabulous sex. Both are completely loyal to one another and would never hurt each other on purpose, nor will they ever humiliate the other. They have a great deal of respect for each other. Their love will help them both feel comfortable enough to at least try to open up and express their feelings (which both have problems with). Virgo's willingness to do anything for their partner makes Scorpio feel very secure and want to do even more for their Virgo lover. This is a match made for keeps. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Scorpio with Libra

Too intense, wont work *

There is definitely an attraction between these two when they first meet. Scorpio is intrigued by the charming, attractive and very presentable Libra. Meanwhile, Libra is very attracted to the strong, magnetic and intense Scorpio. But, their emotional moods are totally mismatched. Scorpio is intense, very emotional and quite moody with a penchance for emotional drama - which is the very thing that Libra cannot handle. Libra wants to coast on the surface of feelings and emotions and not get too deep, which will frustrate Scorpio no end, as they want to feel an intense love connection, not just frivolous romantic notions which do not mean much to them. Libra's flirty behaviour with others will anger Scorpio and bring their jealousy to the fore, which will result in more emotional dramas, which Libra cannot handle and one too many, then Libra will soon disappear, for good. This can only work if there are other very strong compatible factors in their charts. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.

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Scorpio with Scorpio

Intense, sexy and powerful *****

Very strong sexual and emotional attraction between this couple. They both want a partner with whom they can have a spiritual union with when they make love and in another Scorpio, they have found their ideal in that respect. This can work fabulously or it can be a nightmare. If both Scorpios are evolved, this is really the most perfect relationship for both of them, because they can find their salvation with each other. Scorpio is very passionate, intense, romantic (although this aspect is not shown to every lover, only the ones they feel deserve it) and very loving and loyal. They are both so much alike and can achieve so much together because they are so protective and supportive of each other. Both are very intelligent and can have anything they dream of in life. The only problem is their jealousy, possessiveness and intrinsic suspicion of any and everything, even the most insignificant. If they can curb this, this relationship has the potential to heal them both of any past hurt. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Scorpio with Sagittarius

Too little in common **

There is some attraction between these two signs when they first meet, but it soon becomes apparent that they do not have a great deal in common and not much of a long-term potential (unless they have other stronger compatible factors in their charts). Scorpio is intense, emotional and wants a stable partner who will provide them with security, while Sagittarius is outgoing, loud, independent and flirty. This combination does not bode very well for a lasting relationship. Sagittarius' attitude to everything is far too casual for Scorpio, who needs a more serious and stable partner. Scorpio on the other hand is far too stuck in their ways for versatile Sagittarius, who needs to have a partner that is open to all possibilities. Sagittarius flirty, outgoing behaviour will incense Scorpio and make him feel very insecure and jealous. Sex is probably the only area they will have in common, as Scorpio is pretty much up for any adventurous activities that Sagittarius can dream up for them. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Scorpio with Capricorn

Great compatibility long-term ****

Brilliant compatibility in every area. Capricorn provides security, stability and seriousness about their relationship to Scorpio's world. Scorpio provides intense emotions, strength and magnetism, which totally appeal to Capricorn. Scorpio's tendency to feel jealousy when insecure makes Capricorn feel very secure about their feelings, but generally Capricorn doesn't give Scorpio much to feel jealous or insecure about. They are both serious, determined and want to succeed in life. Both are ambitious and value the benefits of money and power. Capricorn's completely loyalty to Scorpio gives both of them a lot of security. Both are discrete and will keep their feelings and their love affair quite private, but will open up to each other because they know they can trust one another. Sexually, they have found a perfect partner, who can go the distance, with Scorpio teaching Capricorn some interesting carnal delights. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Scorpio with Aquarius

Different styles *

Two very different people who don't have a lot in common. Scorpio needs a partner who will provide them security, make them feel safe enough to express their strong emotions and someone who will love them unconditionally. Aquarius on the other hand, needs to have a lot of freedom, is very does not want to get too emotional and wants to experiment with a partner who should not expect a lot of emotional support. These are two people who are complete opposites. Aquarius is too emotionally cool for Scorpio, who will feel very insecure about their lover. Scorpio's insecurity always brings out their jealousy, which will totally put Aquarius off, as Aquarius cannot tolerate any emotional dramas. Scorpio is too dominating and stubborn for Aquarius, who wants a more relaxed and easy-going partner, who will let them have the freedom to come and go as they please, which is not ideal for their Scorpio partner. The only area they will mesh well is in the bedroom, but this one area of compatibility isn't nearly enough to sustain this relationship. This is not recommended. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.

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Scorpio with Pisces

Intense attraction *****

Wonderful match for both. There is a very strong attraction between these two, who as soon as they meet, they know they have met a soul mate and as both believe in soul mates, this is a magical connection for them. Pisces is dreamy, emotional and imaginative, which suits Scorpio just fine. Scorpio is intense, magnetic and emotional, which is perfect for Pisces. Scorpio takes the lead in this relationship both in and out of the bedroom, which is exactly what Pisces needs. When they make love, they have a spiritual union of mind, body and soul, which is healing for both of them. Pisces gives Scorpio the adoration and admiration they secretly crave. Both have very strong emotional needs that they fulfil within each other, which means they will share a very special emotional/spiritual bond with each other. This is the perfect match for both and will last long-term. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.



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