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Pisces with Aries

Can work ***

This is an unusual pairing that can work really well, if Aries can be just a little bit more sensitive to Pisces (which can be a tad difficult for some Aries, so that is why there needs to be a lot more compromise for some, which they may not be able to provide). Aries appreciates Pisces sensuality and imagination, while Pisces loves the way Aries pursues and romances them. Romance is very important to both and they provide it in bundles to each other. Aries loves to be the dominant one, while Pisces loves to have a dominant partner to draw strength from. They are both playful and can have a lot of fun together - wherever Aries leads, Pisces is more than willing to follow. Sexually this is a great match. This combination can work even better if there are other compatible factors in the two charts, as long as Aries can be a bit more sensitive (which is hard for any Aries). For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Pisces with Taurus

Great match ****

Lovely pairing. Taurus is the perfect match for sensitive Pisces. Both are very sensuous and tactile, with Taurus totally devoted to their adoring Pisces lover. Taurus will provide a great deal of healthy stability for fantasy-land, dreamer Pisces, who will appreciate it, meanwhile Pisces gives Taurus some wonderful sensuous experiences and teaches them to lighten up a little. They are just the right blend of seriousness and frivolity who will give each other a lot of love, affection and attention. Pisces will teach Taurus about romance, while Taurus will teach Pisces about steadfastness. Pisces will also teach Taurus how to be more sensitive to other people and especially to other people's emotions, while Taurus will also teach Pisces to be more grounded and reliable, just be the sheer strength of Taurus' solidness. This relationship is a long-term commitment for both. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Pisces with Gemini

Can work ***

This is an interesting match which can work, but it depends on several factors in each other's charts. Gemini is fascinated with fishy Pisces who is such a sensual, emotional and warm person and Pisces is quite attracted to their Gemini's lover's charm and witty personality. They will have fun, both love to socialise and meet new people, both have a flirty nature - Gemini is a consummate flirt, while Pisces is a floaty flirt. Sexually they will be very compatible, as Pisces will just want to please Gemini in whatever way they want and Gemini will just lap that up. While both Gemini and Pisces are scattered and flirty, the major difference is that Pisces is more emotionally sensitive than Gemini and will be hurt by any of the sarcasm Gemini often uses. For this to work, there needs to be other compatible factors in the charts, as well as stabilising factors. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Pisces with Cancer

Deep, heartfelt match *****

A beautiful match - two sensitive and romantic souls unite. Both Cancer and Pisces are water signs, who are emotional, sensitive, sympathetic and caring people. Their intuition is really heightened when they are with each other, so they instinctively know when there is something wrong with the other person and will provide the emotional support they need, plus they just "know" how to please their lover sexually. Sex will be an almost healing and spiritual experience for them both, with lots of affection and love between them. Pisces is very romantic and Cancer laps up all of this attention, while Cancer is extremely sensual and brings this out in Pisces. They will adore each other and be devoted and loyal. They can really help each other to succeed in life, as they are both very supportive of each other, no matter what they do. This is one for the long-term. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Pisces with Leo

Too different **

These two signs are very different to each other. Leo is too dominating for Pisces - they overwhelm them completely. While Pisces likes and needs a strong partner, Leo is far too domineering for Pisces, without being nearly sensitive enough for them. Pisces is far more introspective than Leo and loves nothing better than being with their partner, preferably at home or somewhere else where they can be alone, while Leo needs to be around other people, lots of other people, preferably at parties or other social gatherings, with a lot of noise and action. Leo gets their energy from other people, while Pisces feels exhausted if they are around too many people for too long, so will probably let Leo go out alone. This is basically the beginning of the end for them. Pisces is far too sensitive for Leo's liking, who tends to say whatever they are thinking. Leo's abrasiveness grates on Pisces who will withdraw rather than confront their lover. Not recommended. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Pisces with Virgo

Opposites sometimes attract ***

These two opposites are very attracted to one another when they meet. Virgo is fascinated with this sweet, sensitive, dreamy and emotionally aware Pisces person, while Pisces is enthralled with this totally together, intelligent and interesting Virgo person. The attraction may develop into an everlasting love that is a long-term relationship, if they can compromise and have other compatible factors in their charts. Pisces brings out Virgo's sensuality, which means their love-making will be fantastic. Pisces will also help to bring out Virgo's sensitive side, will make it safe for Virgo to open up. But, after a while, Pisces dreaminess, clutter life and house, as well as their inability to get their act together may frustrate Virgo, who is ordered and a bit of a neat freak. Pisces on the other hand may feel pressured to change (when they don't want to), just to prove their love. If Virgo can just handle a little bit of Pisces' clutter and if Pisces can try to live in reality, be honest and get a bit more practical, this can work very well for both. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Pisces with Libra

Lovely pairing ****

This is surprisingly a pretty good match for both, although there will be some problems, but they will be minor. There is a strong attraction between the charming and beautiful Libra and the intriguing and intuitive Pisces. Both are very romantic and sentimental, so will always remember anniversaries and special days for each other, which will thrill both. Both are quite affectionate with each other and want to please each other - they will do things for the other person, just because their partner wants them to (even if they don't really like it). They especially like to please their partner in their love-making, although Libra may not want to always take the lead in this area. The main area they may have problems are emotionally - Pisces is very needy emotionally, which is something that Libra may not be able to provide without some extra compromise on their behalf and this may be an issue. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.

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Pisces with Scorpio

Intense attraction *****

Wonderful match for both. There is a very strong attraction between these two, who as soon as they meet, they know they have met a soul mate and as both believe in soul mates, this is a magical connection for them. Pisces is dreamy, emotional and imaginative, which suits Scorpio just fine. Scorpio is intense, magnetic and emotional, which is perfect for Pisces. Scorpio takes the lead in this relationship both in and out of the bedroom, which is exactly what Pisces needs. When they make love, they have a spiritual union of mind, body and soul, which is healing for both of them. Pisces gives Scorpio the adoration and admiration they secretly crave. Both have very strong emotional needs that they fulfil within each other, which means they will share a very special emotional/spiritual bond with each other. This is the perfect match for both and will last long-term. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Pisces with Sagittarius

Not likely to be long-term **

This is a nice relationship for both Pisces and Sagittarius, but will it last long? Probably not. Pisces is a dreamy, sensitive romantic, who is attracted to Sagittarius fun-loving, excitable and outgoing nature. Sagittarius is quite drawn to Pisces too. This attraction will last for a little while, but probably not long-term (unless they both have some other strong compatible factors in their charts). Soon Pisces shows just how emotional and needy he is and Sagittarius will not be there for Pisces to lean on. Pisces will feel that his Sagittarius lover is too abrupt and abrasive for his sensitive soul. The differences may be too much for both of these to handle, compromise may be too much for them and this relationship may just end when Sagittarius leaves one day and never comes back again, leaving Pisces wondering what happened. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Pisces with Capricorn

Nice match ****

These two are very attracted to one another and have a great rapport. Capricorn is the tower of strength the Pisces needs to anchor him. Capricorn provides the loyalty and dependability to ensure that Pisces gets grounded. Pisces meanwhile, gives Capricorn all of his devotion, affection and loyalty. Pisces is very romantic and needs to give (and receive) a lot of affection to his partner. now even though Capricorn is not renowned for being demonstrative with his feelings, this relationship with Pisces will make Capricorn safe and secure enough to do so, which will just bring these two even closer. They will both feel safe and protected in each other's arms. Capricorn is the more dominant one in the relationship, while Pisces prefers to be led by their partner - this is a perfect situation for both. Sexually they will be in heaven - Pisces amourous nature will be even more enhanced by Capricorn's strong sexuality and Pisces may even teach Capricorn to be a little less conventional in the bedroom. Definitely recommended long-term. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Pisces with Aquarius

Can work, sometimes ***

These two people are often very attracted to one another. Aquarius is drawn to the romantic and sweet Pisces, while Pisces is really attracted to Aquarius idealistic nature. Pisces is just a romantic dreamer, who just wants someone to love and so because they are so attracted to Aquarius' idealism, they will just follow Aquarius and do just about anything they request. This will suit Aquarius for a while, but when Pisces' emotional demands become too much (and they will), Aquarius will feel that they are losing their freedom. Pisces will never be emotionally demanding, it's just that Pisces is emotionally needy and this is not something that Aquarius can really provide, as they prefer to keep a cool distance from their emotions (and anyone else's). This is the major hurdle for these two - the emotional intimacy that Pisces needs is not something that Aquarius can (or will provide). Sexually they are a great match, as Pisces really is up for any and all experimentation that Aquarius suggests, so for a while, this relationship can work, but the emotional mismatch means it just may not last. It all depends on the rest of their charts and how much Aquarius can compromise. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.

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Pisces with Pisces

Too similar to work ***

These two have found their soul mate (or at least they imagine they have) and this can work well, for a while, but it's not a relationship that can last because both are just too unrealistic to make it work (unless they have other stabilising factors in their charts). Pisces is a romantic dreamer who lives in her fantasy world when reality becomes too harsh. Pisces is very sensitive, both to her own feelings and others. Pisces is a very adoring, very attentive and very romantic partner, who just wants to please her partner, because she wants their approval and their love most of all. When everything is going well, this can be a great relationship, but when things are going badly, when reality sets in, they can enhance each others bad points and that's when chaos ensues, because both can be totally negative and lapse into periods of depression and melancholy with a "woe is me" attitude that the other may not be able to dispel. They both need a strong partner to give them direction and this is not the case here. This relationship has the potential to work long-term if they have Earth signs in their chart. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.



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