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Sagittarius with Aries

Great compatibility *****

Excellent match on all levels, with a very strong physical attraction. Both are outgoing, adventurous and sociable, who have a lot of interests in common, which makes for great compatibility. They are both so open and up-front with each other, than any issues can be quickly and easily resolved between them. Aries love Sagittarius' great sense of humour, who loves having an adoring audience in Aries. They just have a lot of fun together, as both love to find humour in everything and neither stays angry for too long, so they forgive each other easily. Even when they do have arguments, they make it up so well. They both have the same tastes, the same values and just feel good together. They both have a similar attitude to sex - they both like it wild and exciting and Aries wont mind a bit of experimentation. This match will work really well long-term, short-term or anything in between, as they have such fun together. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Sagittarius with Taurus

Not much in common *

There will be an initial attraction between these two - Taurus will be attracted to Sagittarius' humour, their sunny and independent nature (mainly because it is completely opposite to them). Sagittarius meanwhile, will really like the sensuousness of Taurus, especially when they make love. Unfortunately, the initial attraction will not usually last long, because Sagittarius will be off somewhere new (usually without telling Taurus, "Oh did I forget to mention it", Sagittarius will say so innocently) and Taurus will not be happy. Taurus' slow approach to life will bore Sagittarius who has a very short attention span and gets bored with any activity pretty quickly. Sagittarius is too independent and too much of a flirt and not faithful enough for Taurus and the more Taurus demands these of Sagittarius, the more Sagittarius will buck and finally they will move on to their next conquest. This is probably a good thing for both. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Sagittarius with Gemini

Instant attraction *****

Opposites that really attract and can have a really great relationship. Gemini loves the sunny, warm, outgoing and independent Sagittarius who will entertain them for hours with their antics. Meanwhile Sagittarius loves the intelligent, witty, fun-loving and independent Gemini who is just as flirty as they are. They are both into having fun and not getting too emotional. Neither will not put heavy emotional demands on each other and they will have such fun together, with Gemini's wit and Sagittarius' entertaining personality giving them endless hours of joy and fun. They will be a hit at parties, with their funny stories and witty repartee. Sexually, this will be great, because Sagittarius has found a very willing partner in all the experimental sexual activities he likes. This may not last unless they both have some earth signs in their charts, to give them both some stability and ground them enough to stay together. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Sagittarius with Cancer

Too different *

These two will be attracted to each other, initially, but it will soon go downhill from there. Cancer finds Sagittarius hilariously funny and so interesting and amusing, while Sagittarius finds Cancer very sweet and loving and thoughtful. Cancer though, needs a lot more security and stability than their Sagittarius lover can give them. Cancer needs a partner who can handle their dependence and emotional needs. Sagittarius, on the other hand is very independent and wants the same in a partner, so this is an huge area for contention. There are many more serious differences in their personalities and preferences - Cancer wants to spend as much time alone with their partner on romantic interludes, but Sagittarius wants to socialise and be free to talk to others, Cancer needs emotional stability, whereas Sagittarius wants freedom. This is a difficult match, even with other compatible factors in the charts (unless they are overwhelmingly strong). For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Sagittarius with Leo

Instant attraction, fireworks *****

This is a great match - Leo and Sagittarius are instantly drawn to one another and what a strong attraction there is here. Leo is totally excited they have found such an extroverted, funny, outgoing and sociable person who is so much like them, but also that little bit different to make it interesting. Meanwhile, Sagittarius is enthralled by Leo's warmth, congeniality and outgoing personality. This couple feels very comfortable with each other almost immediately after they meet - this relationship is pretty much a soul connection. Both these signs are passionate with a lot of fire and have such fun together. Both love socialising, meeting new people, going out and trying new things, that it's hard for them not to be excited about each other. Leo is probably one of the few signs that can keep Sagittarius faithful mainly because they are not too demanding, yet have so much to offer that Sagittarius wants. Sexually, this is also a fabulous match, as they please each other perfectly in the bedroom. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Sagittarius with Virgo

Don't go there *

These two are so different it would be amazing if they even got together in the first place! There is very little in common between Virgo and Sagittarius that they are unlikely to even be attracted to each other at all (unless there are some other factors in their chats). In the event that they are attracted to one another, it is because they have other compatible factors in their chart which over-ride their sun sign incompatibility. Virgo is serious, orderly, saves for the future and has a reserved nature. Sagittarius on the other hand is outgoing, flirty, party animal who loves nothing better than having the freedom to come and go as she pleases. The only thing they have in common is their mind - both are very intelligent and love nothing better than having a good chat about any subject, the more complex the better, but apart from that, there is very little else that would bind them together. Sagittarius is too unconventional in the bedroom for Virgo, so even sex is not very satisfying for either. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.

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Sagittarius with Libra

Great compatibility, works well *****

There is a very strong attraction between these two signs, which can develop into a loving, long-term relationship as they have a great deal in common. There is a strong intellectual attraction as well as a strong physical attraction. Both are romantic (more so Libra), both are restless and outgoing who love nothing better than having good times out to any social gathering where they can meet new people and experience something new. Neither Libra nor Aquarius want emotional drama and this is unlikely to happen as both are quite adept at skimming the surface of their emotions and never getting too deep. They are very well intellectually matched - both love nothing better than having a partner who wants to talk about any subject, especially the taboo subjects for Sagittarius. Sexually, it is Sagittarius that will take the lead (which is fine by Libra) and bring lots of excitement and experimentation to the bedroom. Libra is more inclined to want to settle down before Sagittarius does, but it wont take long for Sagittarius to realise they have met their perfect match in the charming and attractive Libra. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Sagittarius with Scorpio

Too little in common **

There is some attraction between these two signs when they first meet, but it soon becomes apparent that they do not have a great deal in common and not much of a long-term potential (unless they have other stronger compatible factors in their charts). Scorpio is intense, emotional and wants a stable partner who will provide them with security, while Sagittarius is outgoing, loud, independent and flirty. This combination does not bode very well for a lasting relationship. Sagittarius' attitude to everything is far too casual for Scorpio, who needs a more serious and stable partner. Scorpio on the other hand is far too stuck in their ways for versatile Sagittarius, who needs to have a partner that is open to all possibilities. Sagittarius flirty, outgoing behaviour will incense Scorpio and make him feel very insecure and jealous. Sex is probably the only area they will have in common, as Scorpio is pretty much up for any adventurous activities that Sagittarius can dream up for them. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Sagittarius with Sagittarius

Intense, attraction with fireworks *****

What an intense attraction happens between these two very outgoing, flirty, independent and loud people. You just know you have two Sagittarians together when they are the loudest and funniest couple in the room - they actually compete to be the funniest. They are both exuberant and sociable, so this means when one wants to go out partying, so will the other - and they both want to go out and party pretty much all the time (no matter how old they are). Neither puts any emotional pressure on the other, nor any heavy emotional demand. Neither is jealous nor possessive, so both can flirt up big with anyone and everyone they meet and it wont cause the other to feel hurt or insecure! Sexually, both are pretty much up for anything, so that suits them both perfectly - this make sex so easy for them. The only problem is that neither are particularly into commitment and if there isn't a push from one partner to settle down, commitment may not become a priority for either. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Sagittarius with Capricorn

Nothing in common *

These two do not have a lot in common, other than a strong sexual drive. But even their attitudes to sex are totally different - Sagittarius wants to experiment and try new things, while Capricorn wants things more conventional. In general, they are different too - Sagittarius is loud, outspoken and does not think about consequences, while Capricorn is serious, hard-working and thinks very hard about the consequences of all their actions. Capricorn wants to plan for the future, while Sagittarius wants to spend all their money right now. Sagittarius is also too loud for Capricorn, who needs a more discrete and socially acceptable partner. Emotionally, Sagittarius may be quite happy that they do not get any heavy emotional dramas from Capricorn, but they do not realise that this is because Capricorn is just cool with revealing their emotions and will not sacrifice their pride to get some emotional satisfaction from their partner. Meanwhile Capricorn does not feel loved enough by Sagittarius and therein lies the issue - soon these two will be living very different lives, apart. This is not recommended. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.

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Sagittarius with Aquarius

Exciting couple *****

These two have such an amazingly great time together - they have so much in common and even the differences are totally complementary and are a positive for this couple's relationship longevity. Both are completely in love with their independence and could not handle a lover who tries to restrict them in any way, so neither ever feels tied down by the other - this is an area of complete compatibility for both. Both Aquarius and Sagittarius have a strong intellectual compatibility, which is a turn-on for both, as they both need to have intellectual rapport with someone before they can even imagine having a physical relationship. Sexually, both are very experimental and will love to try new experiences - they will have lots of fun in the bedroom! Neither is particularly emotional, but that's how they like it. They will be great friends first and foremost and will do a lot for each other. Love will surprise them both when it comes (and it surely will). This relationship has great prospects for being a long-term one. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Sagittarius with Pisces

Not likely to be long-term **

This is a nice relationship for both Pisces and Sagittarius, but will it last long? Probably not. Pisces is a dreamy, sensitive romantic, who is attracted to Sagittarius fun-loving, excitable and outgoing nature. Sagittarius is quite drawn to Pisces too. This attraction will last for a little while, but probably not long-term (unless they both have some other strong compatible factors in their charts). Soon Pisces shows just how emotional and needy he is and Sagittarius will not be there for Pisces to lean on. Pisces will feel that his Sagittarius lover is too abrupt and abrasive for his sensitive soul. The differences may be too much for both of these to handle, compromise may be too much for them and this relationship may just end when Sagittarius leaves one day and never comes back again, leaving Pisces wondering what happened. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.



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