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Gemini with Aries

Match that works well ****

What a great couple. Both love to entertain others with their wit and humour. They will never bore each other, as they seek new things to experience and talk about and both are very excited to have found a partner who is as adventurous and restless as them. Both are very social creatures, who love nothing better than being at any type of social gathering where they can meet lots of new and interesting people. At parties, both will flit around talking (and flirting) with everyone, until it is time to go home with each other. Sexually, this is a great match, as Aries is very wild and likely to try all the new things that Gemini wants to try. They will have fun in the bedroom. This couple has a great deal of compatibility on many levels with each other - they provide balance to one another. If Gemini has any affairs (and many Geminis do), they should keep these private (even if they are only mental connections), as Aries would feel very hurt if they knew about them. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Gemini with Taurus

Too different *

These two are such different people, who have very little in common that its a wonder they got together in the first place at all! Taurus is fixed, steady, reliable and loyal, while Gemini is flirty, restless and always seeking some type of mental excitement and when they do not find it, they can become rather sarcastic and mean. There will an initial attraction for both, but as they are such different personalities, this will probably soon fizzle, when reality sets in and they realise the differences. They wont even have such a great sex life, because Gemini's need for experimentation will not satisfy Taurus, who needs a more solid sexual experience. Taurus will soon tire of Gemini's flirty behaviour with everyone, they will start demanding Gemini stay at home with them instead of gallivanting out and about with their other "friends". This restriction on Gemini's freedom will not sit well with them and they will go out even more to prove they are not bound by Taurus' rules and regulations. Taurus will feel more and more insecure the less they see of their Gemini lover, wondering where they are and who they are with and this relationship is soon doomed to end. Unless there are other compatible factors in the charts, this pairing is not really recommended. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Gemini with Gemini

Perfectly suited *****

These two are perfectly suited to each other. Both are charming, talkative and interesting conversationalists. The can literally talk all night and will still have things to talk about the next day! They both get their energy from other people and especially from talking to other people. Things will never be boring for these two - when one feels restless, the other knows exactly what they mean, so out they go, seeking new thrills and adventures. They love parties, both going to them and throwing their own, which everyone will talk about for ages after. Neither is afraid to try new things sexually - even be it other partners, as both view sex as a play time. The only thing that may be an issue is that neither is particularly faithful, especially while young. But if both are willing to accept this, then the relationship will work. As they get older, most Geminis do want a more stable relationship and will sacrifice a few freedoms for it. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Gemini with Cancer

Not much in common *

Two people with very little in common, other than a fascination for someone who is totally unlike them and a strong sexual attraction because of this. Gemini will be attracted to Cancer's emotional vulnerability and strong emotions at first (mainly because Gemini does not like to feel their emotions and needs an emotional lover to help them feel more), while Cancer will be endlessly entertained by their enchanting Gemini lover. This may last for a little while, until Gemini's flirty behaviour starts to grate on Cancer, who will sulk for hours at this indignation. Gemini on the other hand, doesn't understand what all the fuss is about, to them it's nothing. This further incenses Cancer, for whom this is indeed something. Gemini's behaviour will soon make Cancer feel very insecure and unloved (not that they are not, but this is how they will feel) and Gemini will tire of the moodiness and will seek a less emotionally complicated partner. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Gemini with Leo

Can work ***

This relationship can really work well if this couple can understand each other enough to be able to then provide what each needs. Leo is attracted to Gemini for their wit, charm and their flirtatious behaviour, while Gemini is attracted to Leo's magnetism and their larger-than-life personality. There is a strong physical attraction between these two, which can be very surprising for Gemini, who normally does not get too emotionally involved. Leo will help to bring out the passion in Gemini with their own overwhelming passion and lust for life. These two will have a lot of fun together - they play with each other's words and tease each other, but they both love it and can continue it all day and night. The only issue is Gemini's incessant flintiness and restlessness, which could unnerve Leo and make them feel jealous and insecure. If this can be resolved, this would make a great relationship for both, with a lot of fun, laughter and good time. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Gemini with Virgo

Too cool *

These signs are both ruled by rational, cool and analytical Mercury, planet of communication, but they communicate in very different ways. Gemini is very cerebral, rational and prefers to be quite unemotional. Gemini is very much a flirt, very restless and very scattered. Virgo on the other hand, although quite cerebral and rational themself and very logical too, this does not mean that they do not feel any emotions. Virgo cannot distance themselves from their emotions like Gemini can and that is the problem here. Both can appear to be aloof and cool and emotionless, but the difference is that Gemini does not like to feel their emotions too intensely (they would rather think about them), but Virgo can be quite emotional and under the cool exterior, there are very strong feelings. Gemini is too flirty and not loyal enough for Virgo, while Virgo is too cool, ordered and critical for Gemini. Even their sex life isn't a good match, with Gemini's "try-anything" approach making Virgo feel empty. Not recommended. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Gemini with Libra

Great match *****

These two Air signs make a great match, because they have a great deal in common. Both are very sociable and love to flirt with other people and neither will feel insecure when the other behaves this way - neither sign is jealous or possessive. Neither will make any heavy emotional demands on the other, which is heaven for both. Because both are quite talkative, they will discuss problems as they arise, so they don't fester and become big issues. They will talk and talk and talk with each other, with everyone around them and will be the most entertaining couple at any party (when you actually catch them together at the same place). Libra will teach Gemini to be more romantic, while Gemini will teach Libra to expand their horizons more. Even their sex life is great, because Gemini's love of experimentation will be met with agreement from Libra, who wants nothing more than to please their partner. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Gemini with Scorpio

Fatal attraction *

Both Gemini and Scorpio seem to have this intense fascination with each other - Gemini is intrigued by this intense, magnetic and emotional Scorpio person while Scorpio seems to be totally enthralled with this exceptionally intelligent, interesting and entertaining Gemini person. They will be very attracted to one another and it would seem that it is a perfect match for both. But no. This match is not recommended for either. Because Gemini does not like to feel their emotions they are often attracted to emotional people and no-one is more emotional than Scorpio. Gemini would do well to leave Scorpio alone, as it will soon become apparent that Scorpio needs a soul connection, while Gemini is quite happy to flit on the surface and never get that emotional. Gemini will incur Scorpio's wrath, not only their jealousy and Scorpio will soon realise that this is not for them. This may not even work even if there are other compatible factors in both charts because of the clash of personality traits.. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Gemini with Sagittarius

Instant attraction *****

Opposites that really attract and can have a really great relationship. Gemini loves the sunny, warm, outgoing and independent Sagittarius who will entertain them for hours with their antics. Meanwhile Sagittarius loves the intelligent, witty, fun-loving and independent Gemini who is just as flirty as they are. They are both into having fun and not getting too emotional. Neither will not put heavy emotional demands on each other and they will have such fun together, with Gemini's wit and Sagittarius' entertaining personality giving them endless hours of joy and fun. They will be a hit at parties, with their funny stories and witty repartee. Sexually, this will be great, because Sagittarius has found a very willing partner in all the experimental sexual activities he likes. This may not last unless they both have some earth signs in their charts, to give them both some stability and ground them enough to stay together. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Gemini with Capricorn

Too different *

Two completely different people who will probably not have much in common other than Gemini brining out Capricorn's dry sense of humour - which is not enough to sustain a relationship long-term. Gemini is sociable, wants to have fun and is very independent, which is in stark contrast to Capricorn, who is conservative, aloof and needs loyalty and stability from their partner. Gemini's energy is too scattered for serious-minded Capricorn, while Gemini finds Capricorn a bit of a "stick-in-the-mud", who is too serious and doesn't know how to have fun and relax. Gemini may nudge Capricorn enough to chill them out, but not enough to keep them together, because Capricorn never really feels secure with Gemini and Gemini soon gets bored of having to always coax Capricorn into some fun. This is not recommended. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Gemini with Aquarius

Excellent coupling ****

This is an excellent match for both Aquarius and Gemini. They may even feel like they have met their perfect match, someone who understands them better than anyone else ever has. Both Gemini and Aquarius are fiercely independent, articulate, witty, intelligent, sociable and have so many things in common. Both are open (and restless) enough to try new and exciting things together, whenever the whim takes them. Gemini will always feel like they have met someone who understands and even accepts their flightiness and their inability to commit, while Aquarius appreciates a partner who lets them be themselves and does not judge them at all. Both are very cerebral and tend to think about their emotions rather than actually feeling them. Sexually, both are experimental and enjoy making love with each other (and whatever else they bring in the bedroom). They will always be friends, no matter how their relationship turns out, because they have a really strong respect for each other, which is the basis of any good friendship. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.

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Gemini with Pisces

Can work ***

This is an interesting match which can work, but it depends on several factors in each other's charts. Gemini is fascinated with fishy Pisces who is such a sensual, emotional and warm person and Pisces is quite attracted to their Gemini's lover's charm and witty personality. They will have fun, both love to socialise and meet new people, both have a flirty nature - Gemini is a consummate flirt, while Pisces is a floaty flirt. Sexually they will be very compatible, as Pisces will just want to please Gemini in whatever way they want and Gemini will just lap that up. While both Gemini and Pisces are scattered and flirty, the major difference is that Pisces is more emotionally sensitive than Gemini and will be hurt by any of the sarcasm Gemini often uses. For this to work, there needs to be other compatible factors in the charts, as well as stabilising factors. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.



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