Tarot Explained

It's all in the Cards

What do the tarot cards tell us?

The origin of the Tarot cards is not really certain. One theory is that the gypsies brought them to Europe in the 15th Century. Yet, the first mention of the Tarot is recorded to be in the court of King Charles IV of France in 1492, so the history of the Tarot cards is very uncertain.

We don't really know who created the Tarot cards. But we do know that the Tarot cards have changed and evolved over the centuries until they are in the form they are today.

Enjoy using your cards and enjoy this site!



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The Tarot Decks

All types of different styles

There are many types of Tarot decks that are popular today. The most popular ones are:

  • Ryder-Waite
  • Alister Crowley Thoth
  • Aquarian


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The Major Arcana

The 22 picture cards

The Major Arcana are quite an important part of the Tarot card deck and signify our destiny. These cards are important because they signify an important aspect in our life, a message that we need to hear (and may not be).


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The Minor Arcana

The suits

There are 4 suits in a Tarot deck and these are:

  • Cups - these give information about our relationships
  • Swords - these give information about struggles and obstacles in our path
  • Pentacles (or Coins) - these give information about our financial situation
  • Wands (or Rods) - these give information about our goals, purpose and energy, especially in relation to the question asked


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