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Aries with Aries

Expect fireworks ***

When this couple gets together, expect fireworks - lots of passion, arguments and heated sexual encounters. Both are dominant, headstrong and competitive, and each Aries will try to get their own way and dominate the other. But by the same token, they are both also very playful and passionate, who will entertain each other endlessly. They both are very sociable and will have a great time socially with each other. Sexually, they are both wild and want a wild and passionate ride, which they can very easily provide each other, as they have the same needs. Both have similar tastes and interests, so will have a good time together. This can work if they can take turns in leading, otherwise they can destroy each other. This combination can work if there are other stabilising and compatible factors in the two charts. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Aries with Taurus

Too different *

While there may be an attraction between these two, it is not likely to last very long as they are so very different from one another. Aries moves at 100mph and doesn't often think too much before acting on their impulses, while Taurus is more cautious and moves a lot slower, thinking very carefully about their actions before making a decision. While Aries loves to make Taurus jealous (as it gives them a feeling of being wanted), they do not like their Taurus partner's possessiveness. Taurus meanwhile likes their Aries partner's attentiveness, but not their flirty behaviour. After a while, Taurus will start to think that Aries is very foolish and Aries will be frustrated by the slow response of Taurus. This does not bode well for a long-term relationship. This combination can work if there are other compatible factors in the two charts. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Aries with Gemini

Match that works well ****

What a great couple. Both love to entertain others with their wit and humour. They will never bore each other, as they seek new things to experience and talk about and both are very excited to have found a partner who is as adventurous and restless as them. Both are very social creatures, who love nothing better than being at any type of social gathering where they can meet lots of new and interesting people. At parties, both will flit around talking (and flirting) with everyone, until it is time to go home with each other. Sexually, this is a great match, as Aries is very wild and likely to try all the new things that Gemini wants to try. They will have fun in the bedroom. This couple has a great deal of compatibility on many levels with each other - they provide balance to one another. If Gemini has any affairs (and many Geminis do), they should keep these private (even if they are only mental connections), as Aries would feel very hurt if they knew about them. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Aries with Cancer

Can work sometimes ***

There is a great deal of attraction with this couple - Aries is fascinated with the quiet sensuality of Cancer and Cancer is very attracted to the exciting Aries go-getter. Sexually, they are a good match - wild Aries bring out all of Cancer's sensuality and allows them to be free in the bedroom. But after the initial attraction (and great sex), there are a lot of differences which may mean this relationship may not always work out well long-term. Aries loves action and adventure and they don't want to be tied down and restricted by anyone. Cancer on the other hand, loves being at home, they love stability and consistency and loyalty, which Aries may not always be able to provide, but at least it will be an exciting relationship. Cancer may be a little too sensitive to handle Aries' angry outbursts, which even though they do not last very long, may startle and hurt Cancer too much. This combination can work if there are other compatible factors in the two charts and especially if the Aries is male (or the dominant partner) and Cancer female (or the submissive partner). For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Aries with Leo

Instant attraction *****

These two are instantly attracted to each other. They may even feel like they have met a soul mate because they feel very similarly about many things and feel that they have so have so much in common. They both value each other's optimism and up-font attitude and can handle each other's fiery nature, in fact they both thrive on the excitement it brings to their relationship. Both are very sociable, love to have fun and seek adventure and excitement wherever they go and whatever they do. Aries is thrilled with Leo's generosity, while Leo loves the attention Aries lavishes on them. They are also very sexually compatible - wild Aries is more than a match for passionate Leo. The only problem that may arise is that both are very dominating and want to take the lead- if they can take turns being the leader, they wont clash so much trying to overpower the other and this means that this will be the perfect match for both. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Aries with Virgo

Too many differences *

This is a very difficult pairing to make work out long-term, as there are such fundamental differences between these two sign. Aries is a fiery go-getting leader, who does not stand still for anyone and often leaps into action without thinking about it, while Virgo is shy, cautious and thinks a lot about their what they will do before taking a course of action. Aries is fast-thinking and fast-acting in almost every area of their life, while Virgo likes to think about everything and rarely makes any rash decision. Aries lovemaking will also be too much for Virgo, who needs to be warmed up before they feel comfortable with a new lover, while Aries just gets in there as quickly as possible. Aries is too passionate for Virgo, while Virgo is far too cool and to critical for hot-blooded Aries, who will feel unappreciated. To work out if this has any chance of working out, the charts need to be looked at to see what other compatible factors there are. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Aries with Libra

Opposites that attract ****

Very strong physical attraction between opposite signs, as they give each other balance and they provide each other those traits that are lacking in each other. Aries gives Libra lots of passion and fire, while Libra adores and romances Aries in a way that is beneficial to them both. They both enjoy being sociable and going to parties and having fun. Libra loves the thrill of being chased by their dashing and exciting Aries lover, while Aries loves nothing better than pursuing their lover all throughout their relationship and since Libra is always just that little bit unattainable, Aries will never be bored. Aries wants to lead and Libra is quite happy to follow. Aries is wild and exciting in the bedroom, which is great for Libra who needs someone to fire them up sexually. This can work really well, especially if Aries is the male (the more dominant one) and Libra the female (or the less dominant one) in the relationship. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.

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Aries with Scorpio

Strong attraction ***

Wow, what a powerhouse of an attraction there is between this couple. They will be totally consumed with each other (for a little while), with the physical attraction powerful, all-consuming and passionate. While the physical side of this relationship will be amazingly good, the rest of the relationship, however may not work out well. Aries does not like to be controlled and will rebel at Scorpio's many attempts at control, while Scorpio will not like the fact that Aries likes to go out without Scorpio as this makes Scorpio feel very insecure and jealous. They will argue fiercely and make up just as fiercely. This is perfect for a short-term affair, but long term, this relationship may not have great prospects. Aries will soon tire of Scorpio's possessiveness and Scorpio will hate Aries' need for independence, despite the great physical connection they have. This can work if there are other compatible factors in the charts. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Aries with Sagittarius

Great compatibility *****

Excellent match on all levels, with a very strong physical attraction. Both are outgoing, adventurous and sociable, who have a lot of interests in common, which makes for great compatibility. They are both so open and up-front with each other, than any issues can be quickly and easily resolved between them. Aries love Sagittarius' great sense of humour, who loves having an adoring audience in Aries. They just have a lot of fun together, as both love to find humour in everything and neither stays angry for too long, so they forgive each other easily. Even when they do have arguments, they make it up so well. They both have the same tastes, the same values and just feel good together. They both have a similar attitude to sex - they both like it wild and exciting and Aries wont mind a bit of experimentation. This match will work really well long-term, short-term or anything in between, as they have such fun together. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Aries with Capricorn

Not much in common *

This is a very difficult pairing to make work as there are many fundamental differences in personality between these two sign. Aries is fast-thinking and fast-acting and rather rash and impetuous, while Capricorn is basically the opposite, they are very cautious and think very carefully about their actions before committing to them. Aries is too impulsive for cautious Capricorn. Aries may soon view Capricorn as too calculating and cold, with Aries trying hard to get a reaction, any reaction from Capricorn, who view Aries as inconsiderate and brash. There are also differences in the way they spend and save money - Aries is too extravagant for penny-pinching Capricorn. The only area they may have compatibility is sex - Aries appreciates a lover who has a lot of stamina, which Capricorn has in abundance, but this isn't enough to sustain a relationship long-term. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Aries with Aquarius

Great match *****

This is a great match for both these signs. This couple has a lot of interests in common. Aries can be a little wild and dangerous, which perfectly suits Aquarius, who loves nothing more than a partner who is up for experimentation in all areas of their life. This means that Aries is more than excited by the kinky experimentation Aquarius has planned in their boudoir antics and this pleases Aquarius no end. Aries has an adventurous spirit, which is a great match for Aquarius who needs a partner that is open to trying anything. Both value and respect each others independence (although Aquarius can be a little too independent even for Aries at times, but it's nothing they cannot work out). They both want something unpredictable and exciting, which they have found with each other. Aquarius keeps Aries amused with his sense of humour, while Aries is the ultimate prankster and Aquarius is one sign that can handle this aspect of Aries. This relationship will certainly never be boring for either person. This relationship is one for keeps. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.

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Aries with Pisces

Can work ***

This is an unusual pairing that can work really well, if Aries can be just a little bit more sensitive to Pisces (which can be a tad difficult for some Aries, so that is why there needs to be a lot more compromise for some, which they may not be able to provide). Aries appreciates Pisces sensuality and imagination, while Pisces loves the way Aries pursues and romances them. Romance is very important to both and they provide it in bundles to each other. Aries loves to be the dominant one, while Pisces loves to have a dominant partner to draw strength from. They are both playful and can have a lot of fun together - wherever Aries leads, Pisces is more than willing to follow. Sexually this is a great match. This combination can work even better if there are other compatible factors in the two charts, as long as Aries can be a bit more sensitive (which is hard for any Aries). For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.



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