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About Astrology

What is it exactly?

Astrology goes back a long way, to the ancient times where people looked to the sky and tried to understand what they saw up there. They first thought of the luminary bodies as Gods and Goddesses, who ruled them and that is how most of the planets got their names, from ancient Roman Gods and Goddesses.

When man could start to make calculations about the earth and the objects outside the earth, astrology was split into two:

  • astrology - the divination of the future and determining personality
  • astronomy - the calculation of the earth and its surrounding universe

This made a big impact on astrology, as it was then very separate from the more objective scientific study of astronomy.


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Astrology Today

What does it mean now?

Scientists are finding more and more about our planet and the planets in our solar system each day. Only recently (in early 2007) they worked out that Pluto was a dwarf planet, which meant it was not in the same league as the other planets. While this was an important discovery, it still did not disprove anything about what was thought about Pluto by astrologers from before. Pluto is still a powerful and mysterious planet, with the same characteristics as before and it still wields the same power as it did before.

Astrology can help you work out who you are and who you best get along with in life.

For an in-depth analysis of you, your compatibility with your partner or even look into the future, buy an astrology report.


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