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Libra with Aries

Opposites that attract ****

Very strong physical attraction between opposite signs, as they give each other balance and they provide each other those traits that are lacking in each other. Aries gives Libra lots of passion and fire, while Libra adores and romances Aries in a way that is beneficial to them both. They both enjoy being sociable and going to parties and having fun. Libra loves the thrill of being chased by their dashing and exciting Aries lover, while Aries loves nothing better than pursuing their lover all throughout their relationship and since Libra is always just that little bit unattainable, Aries will never be bored. Aries wants to lead and Libra is quite happy to follow. Aries is wild and exciting in the bedroom, which is great for Libra who needs someone to fire them up sexually. This can work really well, especially if Aries is the male (the more dominant one) and Libra the female (or the less dominant one) in the relationship. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Libra with Taurus

Lovely match ****

This is actually a surprisingly good match for both. Taurus and Libra are both house-proud and want to living in a beautiful, clean and gorgeous home, as both have a need to be surrounded by beauty and are very creative in the interior decoration of their home. Taurus loves the charming and delightful Libra, who makes them feel more alive and exciting, while Libra loves the attention and sensual affection they receive from their Taurus lover. Taurus love the romantic gestures that Libra showers them with all the time and Libra loves the strength and solidity of Taurus. Libra also likes to have someone else make the decisions and Taurus not only does this well, but relishes in being in control. The only problem may be Libra's flirty nature, which can cause Taurus to feel quite jealous and possessive - which in turn will create some arguments between these two. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Libra with Gemini

Great match *****

These two Air signs make a great match, because they have a great deal in common. Both are very sociable and love to flirt with other people and neither will feel insecure when the other behaves this way - neither sign is jealous or possessive. Neither will make any heavy emotional demands on the other, which is heaven for both. Because both are quite talkative, they will discuss problems as they arise, so they don't fester and become big issues. They will talk and talk and talk with each other, with everyone around them and will be the most entertaining couple at any party (when you actually catch them together at the same place). Libra will teach Gemini to be more romantic, while Gemini will teach Libra to expand their horizons more. Even their sex life is great, because Gemini's love of experimentation will be met with agreement from Libra, who wants nothing more than to please their partner. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Libra with Cancer

Can work ***

This can work, but only if there are other compatible factors in their charts, as there is a basic compatibility between these two. Both Libra and Cancer want to please (and pleasure) their partner - in fact, they both live for it, albeit in different ways, but the end result is the same - they need to love someone to be happy. The only issues that may come up are Libra's flirty behaviour (they don't see it as harmful), but this causes Cancer to feel very insecure, jealous and possessive and they will sulk. Even though Libra may not be able to handle Cancer's moodiness, as they do not want an emotional showdown, they generally wont try to cajole them too hard out of their mood, which will incense Cancer no end, who will feel unloved. If Libra is a very superficial person and Cancer is too emotional, this wont work, otherwise if they have more compatible factors in their charts, this can work well - at least their home will be immaculate and beautiful. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Libra with Leo

Great match ****

This is a fabulous match for both Leo and Libra. Leo provides the fun, exuberance and passion that Libra needs, meanwhile Libra is the adoring lover that suits Leo perfectly. Leo likes to lead, make decisions and be the one who dominates and this is perfect for Libra, who wants nothing more than a lover who will make the decisions and will be their strength. They enhance each other's creativity when they are together. Leo stirs up Libras passions with their imaginative and passionate love-making, while Libra adds refinement and class to Leo's life, plus Leo loves to have the beautiful and charming Libra to beautify their life. Neither is particularly frugal, so saving money and paying bills may be an issue (unless they have some earth signs in their charts). Both are sociable and will have endless fun hosting their own parties - their friends will love their parties, as they make great hosts. This is a couple that is destined to last long-term. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Libra with Virgo

Can work ***

This is an interesting match, because it can work but only if there is enough compromise on both parts (and also if there are other compatible factors in the charts). Both Virgo and Libra love to please their partner and both like to discuss any issues or problems in their relationship, so they will usually be able to resolve things quite well. Libra's attentiveness and openness to lovemaking will open up Virgo enough to let their hidden sensuality really come to the fore - this will be really great for both. The only thing that may cause a problem is Libra is more sociable and extravagant with money (and flirty too), whereas Virgo is more discrete, frugal and reserved. Differences over money causes a lot of problems for couples. Plus Libra's need to meet people and socialise may cause Virgo to feel a bit insecure. With compromise and other compatible factors though, this can work well for both. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Libra with Libra

Charming, attractive couple ****

What a charming, good looking couple these two are! Two Librans means two people who will always look the best for each other, inside and outside the home, inside and outside the bedroom. They are both polite and refined, hate conflict and will not purposely create it (unless they are really really bored and need some stimulation) and neither wants an emotional showdown of any sort. They both flit along the surface of their emotions, which suits both of them perfectly. Both are helpless romantics and will appreciate the romantic gestures they create for one another. They are sociable so will love to go out - pretty much all the time, as they both get bored very easily. The only problem may be that neither is frugal with money, so saving money is not a high priority for either of them. This can be quite a nice match for both. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.

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Libra with Scorpio

Too intense, wont work *

There is definitely an attraction between these two when they first meet. Scorpio is intrigued by the charming, attractive and very presentable Libra. Meanwhile, Libra is very attracted to the strong, magnetic and intense Scorpio. But, their emotional moods are totally mismatched. Scorpio is intense, very emotional and quite moody with a penchance for emotional drama - which is the very thing that Libra cannot handle. Libra wants to coast on the surface of feelings and emotions and not get too deep, which will frustrate Scorpio no end, as they want to feel an intense love connection, not just frivolous romantic notions which do not mean much to them. Libra's flirty behaviour with others will anger Scorpio and bring their jealousy to the fore, which will result in more emotional dramas, which Libra cannot handle and one too many, then Libra will soon disappear, for good. This can only work if there are other very strong compatible factors in their charts. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Libra with Sagittarius

Great compatibility, works well *****

There is a very strong attraction between these two signs, which can develop into a loving, long-term relationship as they have a great deal in common. There is a strong intellectual attraction as well as a strong physical attraction. Both are romantic (more so Libra), both are restless and outgoing who love nothing better than having good times out to any social gathering where they can meet new people and experience something new. Neither Libra nor Aquarius want emotional drama and this is unlikely to happen as both are quite adept at skimming the surface of their emotions and never getting too deep. They are very well intellectually matched - both love nothing better than having a partner who wants to talk about any subject, especially the taboo subjects for Sagittarius. Sexually, it is Sagittarius that will take the lead (which is fine by Libra) and bring lots of excitement and experimentation to the bedroom. Libra is more inclined to want to settle down before Sagittarius does, but it wont take long for Sagittarius to realise they have met their perfect match in the charming and attractive Libra. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


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Libra with Capricorn

Can work, maybe **

This is a relationship between two quite different people and in order for it to work, they need a lot of compromise and other very strong compatible factors in their charts. Interestingly enough, Libra actually makes a good match for Capricorn as they make Capricorn look good and that appeals to Capricorn. Libra is charming, sociable and will host wonderful parties and dinners for Capricorn's business associates, which will help Capricorn achieve more success. Meanwhile, Libra is very attracted to Capricorn's cool emotions, as this means there wont be any emotional dramas. Libra also loves it that Capricorn is very strongly sexual and Capricorn's own sensuality helps to bring out the sensuality and passion in Libra. The only problem here is that Libra is too flirty and loves to go out too much, while Capricorn is less so. Another area for contention is money - Libra will want to spend (after all it takes a lot of money to make them look as good as they do), but Capricorn wants to save it. Maybe. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.


Libra with Aquarius

Great match ****

Opposites that really attract and can have a really great relationship. Gemini loves the sunny, warm, outgoing and independent Sagittarius who will entertain them for hours with their antics. Meanwhile Sagittarius loves the intelligent, witty, fun-loving and independent Gemini who is just as flirty as they are. They are both into having lots of fun with a partner, they will have such fun together, with Gemini's wit and Sagittarius' entertaining personality giving them endless hours of joy and fun. They will be a hit at parties, with their funny stories and witty repartee. Neither person will ever get too emotional - neither will not put heavy emotional demands on each other. Sexually, this will be great, because Aquarius has found a very willing partner in all the experimental sexual activities he likes (Libra loves to please their lover, so will do whatever they want sexually). This may not last unless they both have some earth signs in their charts, to give them both some stability and ground them enough to stay together. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.

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Libra with Pisces

Lovely pairing ****

This is surprisingly a pretty good match for both, although there will be some problems, but they will be minor. There is a strong attraction between the charming and beautiful Libra and the intriguing and intuitive Pisces. Both are very romantic and sentimental, so will always remember anniversaries and special days for each other, which will thrill both. Both are quite affectionate with each other and want to please each other - they will do things for the other person, just because their partner wants them to (even if they don't really like it). They especially like to please their partner in their love-making, although Libra may not want to always take the lead in this area. The main area they may have problems are emotionally - Pisces is very needy emotionally, which is something that Libra may not be able to provide without some extra compromise on their behalf and this may be an issue. For an in-depth analysis, buy a compatibility report.



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