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What is your love style?

Loving others

In order to work out what your love style is, you need to know which sign Venus is in at the time of your birth.

Venus is the planet that describes your love style - the sign that is in this planet is the one which shows how you love others (and yourself) as well as what you value and cherish.

The Love Signs
Love Sign - AriesAries
Love Sign - Libra Libra
Love Sign - TaurusTaurus
Love Sign - Scorpio Scorpio
Love Sign - Leo Gemini
Love Sign - Sagittarius Sagittarius
Love Sign - Cancer Cancer
Love Sign - Capricorn Capricorn
Love Sign - Leo Leo
Love Sign - Aquarius Aquarius
Love Sign - Virgo Virgo
Love Sign - Pisces Pisces



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Venus - placement in the chart

Love style

Where Venus is placed in a person's chart gives an indication on how the person behaves in intimate relationships. Venus represents a person's love style, how they love others and their core moral values.

Basically the planet Venus represents:

  • The manner in which a person loves others
  • The way a person loves and values themselves
  • The things a person values the most in their life


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