Palmistry Explained

The History of Palmistry

How palmistry came about...

Palm Lines

People have been totally fascinated by the human hand for thousands of years. They have pondered on what all the lines and marking mean? They have also looked at the fingers, nails and every aspect of the hand to work it out.

Whenever the word "palmistry" is mentioned, people tend to think of the stereotypical dark haired Gypsy, wearing brightly coloured scarves and lots of gold jewellery, looking very mysterious and willing to tell you your future from your hands. This is probably because the Gypsies are one of the main reason why palmistry is so popular today, as they are the ones who were skilled in this area and were often asked to read palms and they brought palmistry to Europe from the Eastern lands.



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What Palmistry is all about

The palms and everything on them

  • Past/Present-Future - Palmistry is a very useful tool in working out many things about your past, present and future
  • Undiscovered Talents/Skills - Palmistry is a very valuable way of working out what your talents and skills are, especially those that are still undiscovered or latent in some way
  • Strengths/Weaknesses - Palmistry is an excellent way to work out what your strengths are and what challenges you have to face


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