Palmistry - Markings - Triangles

The Triangles

What are they?

The Triangles are markings that can appear on any Line, Finger or Mount. A Triangle is a sign of some type of talent, depending on where it exists.

The Triangle markings look like this:

Palmistry - Markings: Triangle



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Triangles on the Mounts

What does this mean?

The marking of Triangles is briefly described on selected mounts:

  • Mount of Apollo - you have an excellent aptitude for any type of scientific studies, especially anything in the medical field
  • Mount of Jupiter - you are an organised person, who has a knack of knowing what is the best solution to any problem and you have a great talent in managing people to get the best out of them
  • Mount of Mercury - this is called a Triangle of Wittiness, which means you are really quick-witted and have a ready answer to anything. Some may even call you glib. Not only do you react very quickly to any situation, you are also very physically active and don't sit still


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