Palmistry - Markings - Greek Letter Psi

The Greek Letter Psi (Trident)

What are they?

The Greek Letter Psi (Trident) is a marking that can appear on any Line, Finger or Mount.

The Greek Letter Psi (Trident) marking looks like this:

Palmistry - Markings: Greek Letter Psi/Trident



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Greek Letter Psi (Trident) on the Mounts

What does this mean?

The marking of Greek Letter Psi is briefly described on selected mounts:

  • Mount of Apollo - you can do well taking calculated risks in areas where you need to, helping you make money without having to try too hard
  • Mount of Jupiter - excellent marking means you can use your creative powers to succeed beyond your wildest dreams
  • Mount of Mercury - an excellent marking that means you will do well in any literary career


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