Palmistry - Markings - Psychic Cross

The Psychic Cross

What is it?

The Psychic Cross is a marking that usually appears only in one place - between the Head Line and the Heart Line, around the middle of the palm.

The Psychic Cross signifies strong psychic tendencies or even developed talents in this position.

Other names for this marking are - the Mystic Cross or St Andrew's Cross.

The Psychic Cross marking looks like this:

Palmistry - Markings: Psychic Cross








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Psychic Cross on Other Places

What does this mean?

The marking of Psychic Cross is briefly described on selected places on the palm:

  • Under Saturn Finger - active interest in psychic phenomena (you have lots of books on the matter and want to develop your own talents in this area)
  • Near Mount of Jupiter - an appreciation and tolerance for psychic phenomena, but no real talents in this area
  • Close to Heart Line - superstitious
  • Above the Head Line - extremely superstitious, with a major interest in psychic phenomena


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