Tarot Card Spreads - 5 Card Spread

The 5-Card Tarot Spread

What is it?

There are a few types of 5 Card spreads. This spread is used when quick and simple answer:

  • Quick answer spread - used when you want a quick and simple answer to a question and the questor is included in the spread

The cards in this spread are signified as follows:

  • Card 1 - what influences surround the question
  • Card 2 - what went wrong
  • Card 3 - what needs to be done to make it a success
  • Card 4 - difficulties to watch out for
  • Card 5 - outcome


There is also another 5 card spread which is detailed on another page of the site:



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The 5 Card Spread

What does it look like?

The general 5 card spread is shown below:

5 Card Tarot Spread



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