Minor Arcana - Pentacles: Seven

Seven of Pentacles

The meaning of this card

Seven of PentaclesSeven of Pentacles shows a man with a hoe, who has been nurturing a bush of Pentacles, that has flourished well. This man has succeeded in what he has set out to achieve and while not surrounded by wealth, he is happy with his accomplishments.

This card represents gains and improvements are assured if hard work is put in. Goals and aims will be achieved, albeit slowly. Progress will arrive, but it will not come quickly, it is slow but steady achievement.

(1909 Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck images)


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Meaning - upright

What this card means

Upright, this card has the following meanings:

  • receiving encouraging news about a project in place
  • combining business with pleasure is well aspected
  • people will be helpful and assist you if you ask for help
  • investments and goals will be successful with steady progress


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Meaning - reversed

What this card means

Reversed, this card has the following meanings:

  • poor return on investments, less than what was expected
  • delays and complications of any ventures
  • feel like giving up, but hold on and wait until things improve, as they will
  • anxiety about finances and projects in place
  • take care not to trust people who are untrustworthy and may gossip about you


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