Minor Arcana - Pentacles: Ace

Ace of Pentacles

The meaning of this card

Ace of PentaclesAce of Pentacles shows a hand holding a large Pentacle, suspended in the sky. It contains all the positive possibilities of this suit.

The Ace of Pentacles shows all the power of the suit of Pentacles - materialistic possessions, wealth, finances. This card represents everything that is physically tangible.

This card represents beneficial outcomes for getting money, even if you take risks with it. This is a fantastic card for money, as it means money is coming.

(1909 Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck images)


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Meaning - upright

What this card means

Upright, this card has the following meanings:

  • financial success through hard work or a win or even an inheritance
  • prosperity, success wit new projects and happiness surrounding this
  • wonderful companion who will effect you in a deeply profound and positively beneficial manner
  • money, winnings, gifts are coming soon
  • promotion at work, new job with more money, more prestigious job
  • an abundance of energy and determination to succeed


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Meaning - reversed

What this card means

Reversed, this card has the following meanings:

  • delays all around everything
  • obsession with keeping all your money, greed and avarice
  • wasting opportunities and wasting money
  • gambling may still be successful, but will not bring happiness
  • not using talents to attain positive and beneficial results


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