Minor Arcana - Pentacles

The Suit of Pentacles

What is this suit about?

The Suit of Pentacles (or coins) relates to the element of the earth. It relates to the material things of life - to money, food, shelter, clothes and work, anything that is the embodiment of the earth. This suit relates to all the requirements, rewards, challenges and disappointments of the material world and how they affect you.

Pentacles symbolise money and the security money brings and it especially tells you if you have these in your life. Money relates to self-worth and the value placed on achievements in life. Pentacles give an indication on the level of financial security achieved at present, the meaning of money and financial security to you and the possibilities for the future.

The Suit of Pentacles (or coins) relates to areas such as:

  • money (excess or lack of it)
  • wealth
  • financial security
  • work
  • living requirements
  • attitude to money


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