Major Arcana - 17: The Star

17 - The Star

Card Seventeen

17 - The StarThis card shows a young girl with one foot on land and one in the water, pouring water on land and in the water, returning to its source. There is also a huge star above her and more stars around it.

This card represents hope and a trust that if you put your wishes out to the universe (or God) they will come true for you.

This card tells us not to lose hope in our dreams - we have the power within us to succeed.

(1909 Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck images)


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Meaning - upright

What this card means

Upright, this card has the following meanings:

  • we will be given the right guidance at the right time
  • hope for a happy outcome as that is what will happen
  • any dream or hope is possible and may just come true
  • redemption and salvation are ours


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Meaning - reversed

What this card means

Reversed, this card has the following meanings:

  • a complete loss of faith and hope
  • plagued by pessimism and bad luck
  • dreams and hopes feel unattainable
  • not grabbing opportunities
  • making bad judgements through our weakness or stress
  • not trusting our intuition and higher guidance


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Interesting Bits

What else?

  • Key Meaning - Hopes and dreams
  • Astrology - Aquarius: being open to new experiences
  • Numerology - 8: immortality and living on forever