Major Arcana - 14: Temperance

14 - Temperance

Card Fourteen

14 - TemperanceThis card shows a beautiful angel with one foot on land and another in the sea, pouring water from one golden goblet to the other - he is balancing the conscious with the unconscious, emotions and logic.

This card represents moderation, calmness, self-control and finding a medium between two opposing forces.

The card also represents a strong ally or friend, possible reconciliation and the need to rest for good health.

(1909 Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck images)


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Meaning - upright

What this card means

Upright, this card has the following meanings:

  • a need to economise, either financially or emotionally
  • patience is in abundance when dealing with difficult people or situations
  • beneficial changes will occur that will help get us back on track
  • relax, go with the flow and seek harmony and balance
  • other people will help us and offer possible partnerships that are beneficial


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Meaning - reversed

What this card means

Reversed, this card has the following meanings:

  • our own stubbornness or inactivity can cause conflict or discord with others
  • impatience with any type of difficulties
  • inability to learn from past mistakes
  • slow down and take a breath before going forward again
  • stagnancy and immobility, inability to complete activities


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Interesting Bits

What else?

  • Key Meaning - regeneration and moderation
  • Astrology - Jupiter, Sagittarius: freedom, philosophy, higher learning and luck
  • Numerology - 5: caution, risk, communication