Major Arcana - 7: The Chariot

7 - The Chariot

Card Seven

7 - The ChariotThis card shows a strong man at the helm of a chariot, with Egyptian influences by the display of the black and white sphinxes (which represent the male and female, ying and yang).

This card represents an ability to control the forces around us, to be able to rein them in, to do our bidding, no matter how powerful and insurmountable they may appear to be.

(1909 Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck images)


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Meaning - upright

What this card means

Upright, this card has the following meanings:

  • hard work is necessary to bring us the fruits of our labour
  • success is assured if you strive hard and put in the effort
  • we must be in control of situations which we are faced
  • a responsible and focused person who is concerned about others
  • we are focused on achieving our goals
  • balance work and pleasure so it is not all work and no play


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Meaning - reversed

What this card means

Reversed, this card has the following meanings:

  • difficulty completing any projects or tasks
  • inability to face reality
  • lack of strength or resilience
  • loss of control and focus on our goals


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Interesting Bits

What else?

  • Key Meaning - Movement, challenge and conquest
  • Mythology - xxx
  • Astrology - Moon, Cancer: emotions, instinct
  • Numerology - 7, Neptune: rest, relaxation and cycles of life