Sex Signs - Virgo

Mars in Virgo

Cautious but highly skilled lover

Mars in Virgo means you are more subtle about your sexuality and only show it when you are in private with your partner.

You sometimes find it hard to relax, let go, stop being critical and really enjoy sex with your partner.

You really need a lover who will be sensitive to you and your need for cleanliness for you to really enjoy sex. You cannot abide dirtiness (unless it is a bit of dirty sex talk) in the bedroom - you need to be with someone who is squeaky clean. You want a lover who has a really good sex technique, kisses without slobbering all over you and will always treat you with respect in and out of the bedroom.

You are not into one-night stands, don’t go for casual sex and generally never sleep with someone on the first date (and not usually for quite a few dates actually) - you can be quite happy to be celibate until you find the right partner.

While Mars in Virgo generally prefers their sex very conventionally, this placement can cause some of you to like things very kinky (especially if there is Scorpio or Aquarius in your chart).



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Women with Mars in Virgo

What are women with Mars in Virgo specifically like ?

  • Prefers to have sex with the lights off because you are a little too conservative and conscious of your body
  • Some of you are simply man-eaters, who are very promiscuous, while others are paragons of virtue
  • Have very high sexual standards and need a man who can meet these standards
  • Attracted to hardworking, conscientious men who will be discrete and respectful about your relationship
  • Want a lover with a sense of humour, who is also sensuous


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Men with Mars in Virgo

What are men with Mars in Virgo specifically like ?

  • Very conservative attitudes to sex and want to be have sex with someone you love
  • Will work hard to improve your sex technique and take instructions well
  • Extremely considerate lover who will always try to satisfy his partner
  • Have high staying power
  • Some of you need to verbally insult your lover during sex
  • Attracted to pretty, clean, attentive women who will be undemanding


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Celebrities with Mars in Virgo

Who are the celebrities with this love style?

  • Ben Affleck
  • Britney Spears
  • Brooke Shields
  • Cameron Diaz
  • Christina Ricci
  • Clarke Gable
  • Elizabeth Hurley
  • Gabriel Byrne
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Joan Collins
  • Johnny Depp
  • Matt Damon
  • Melanie Griffith
  • Racquel Welch
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Topher Grace
  • Venus Williams
  • Will Smith
  • Wilmer Valderrama
  • Yoko Ono


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Mars in Virgo compatibility with others

Who is the right person for your sex style?

Who are the right partners for those with Mars in Virgo? To find your Mars placement, click here:


Mars in Virgo with Mars in Aries

Bad combination. Mars in Aries is too fiery and wild for Mars in Virgo, who is too tame and shy for any lasting union. While Mars in Virgo may be able to satisfy Mars in Aries, they are not exciting enough for them. Better to remain friends.


Mars in Virgo with Mars in Taurus

Sensuous, fulfilling sex. Mars in Virgo keeps the sex exciting by introducing new sex techniques every so often. Mars in Taurus helps Mars in Virgo to relax enough to enjoy sex, simply through their sensual touch.


Mars in Virgo with Mars in Gemini

Unsuited lovers. Mars in Gemini is too spontaneous and not serious enough for Mars in Virgo who likes to plan everything. Even though Mars in Virgo may be enough to sexually satisfy Mars in Gemini, this wont last.


Mars in Virgo with Mars in Cancer

Exciting sex, if it happens. Both Mars in Cancer and Mars in Virgo can be shy, so it may never happen in the first place. But when it does, expect to be very fulfilled.


Mars in Virgo with Mars in Leo

Unsatisfying sex, most of the time. Mars in Leo can be a bit much for shy Mars in Virgo. Mars in Leo will overly dominate Mars in Virgo, which will make them feel unfulfilled. As long as Mars in Leo can be a little more considerate this can work.


Mars in Virgo with Mars in Virgo

Sensuous, skilled lovemaking. Both have the same sexual needs which the other can easily fulfil. Both want a lover who is is sensuous and earthy. Sex in a bath or shower is a major turn-on for you both. Both like to take their time and are very skilled lovers who will do everything they can to please the other.


Mars in Virgo with Mars in Libra

Great sex. Both Mars in Virgo and Mars in Libra want a sex partner who has finesse and style and who is considerate and is willing to please them. Mars in Virgo can be a little shy, who Mars in Libra soon relaxes with their charm. Over time, Mars in Virgo can get annoyed with Mars in Libra’s superficiality.


Mars in Virgo with Mars in Scorpio

Differing sex styles. While both value privacy and will never tell anyone about their sexual union, Mars in Virgo can be too cool and into cleanliness for Mars in Scorpio, who likes to have really dirty sex.


Mars in Virgo with Mars in Sagittarius

Incompatible sex styles. Mars in Sagittarius is too overtly sexual for Mars in Virgo who does not want the whole world to know they are having sex. Will not last.


Mars in Virgo with Mars in Capricorn

Satisfying sex. Both Mars in Virgo and Mars in Capricorn are earthy and sensuous and can really satisfy each other’s sexual needs. Both like to keep their sex affairs private. You feel very comfortable and safe with each other.


Mars in Virgo with Mars in Aquarius

Intellectual attraction. There is a major intellectual attraction between them, but that is where the attraction ends. Mars in Virgo is too shy and conservative for Mars in Aquarius, who wants a kinky sex partner.


Mars in Virgo with Mars in Pisces

So-so opposite sex. Mars in Virgo is too rational and realistic for Mars in Pisces, who loves fantasy over realty. Mars in Virgo does not give Mars in Pisces enough romance, although sometimes sex can be great between them, if the mood is right for Mars in Pisces.


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