Sex Signs - Libra

Mars in Libra

Charming the pants off your lovers

Mars in Libra makes you the charmer of the zodiac, who will never be vulgar or rude, but instead will charm your lover into getting into bed with you with your soft kisses and persuasive loving words. You have a subtle and very refined approach to love-making.

Romance is very important to you and you will not accept someone who does not romance their way into your heart and your bed, you don’t want to be with someone who is dirty, rude or vulgar. You want to feel comfortable before you have sex with your partner, so soft music, sweet words and candlelight are perfect.

You are a very skilled lover, who aims to please your partner. You prefer straightforward, conservative sex, but if your lover is a little kinky, you will indulge them because you want to make your lover happy.

You have a reputation for being unfaithful and promiscuous. This is usually because you have a problem with saying no. You can find it difficult to leave a partner, as you do not like confrontation, so it’s easier for you to cheat. Even if you are happily involved with a serious partner, the promiscuity can still be a problem.



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Women with Mars in Libra

What are women with Mars in Libra specifically like ?

  • Can be very promiscuous as you love to feel that everyone you meet wants you
  • Appear soft and gentle, but under the surface you can be cool and manipulative
  • Sex is a tool you use to control and manipulate your men - some use their men for sex in return for what they can give you
  • Sexually aggressive with your lover and wont let him stop until he has totally satisfied you
  • Can be a little too much on the surface with your lovers
  • Attracted to men who are refined, intelligent and handsome


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Men with Mars in Libra

What are men with Mars in Libra specifically like ?

  • Very low staying power and low endurance
  • Sometimes can be very unfaithful
  • Generally not kinky, unless your lover is, then you will happily satisfy their every kinky fantasy
  • Sex is your romantic fantasy and you want nothing to tarnish it
  • Prefers lights to be low, or preferably to have sex in candlelight, to keep the mood romantic
  • Attracted to women with style, grace and beauty


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Celebrities with Mars in Libra

Who are the celebrities with this love style?

  • Anais Nin
  • Bill Clinton
  • Bill Gates
  • Bob Hoskins
  • Cliff Richard
  • Dyan Cannon
  • Elvis Presley
  • Eminem
  • Fran Drescher
  • Helena Christianssen
  • JK Rowling
  • Kim Bassinger
  • Kirsten Dunst
  • Michael Douglas
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Pamela Anderson
  • Roman Polanski
  • Tommy Lee Jones
  • Vin Diesel
  • Whitney Houston
  • Whoopi Goldberg


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Mars in Libra compatibility with others

Who is the right person for your sex style?

Who are the right partners for those with Mars in Libra? To find your Mars placement, click here:


Mars in Libra with Mars in Aries

Opposites who may attract, but not long-term. While there is a strong attraction, Mars in Libra is too wild for refined Mars in Libra who wants someone to be romantic. Mars in Aries will take advantage of Mars in Libra’s need to please.


Mars in Libra with Mars in Taurus

Easy lovemaking. Both Mars in Taurus and Mars in Libra enjoy sensual sex in beautiful surroundings. Mars in Taurus is very tactile and Mars in Libra will please their lover's every desire.


Mars in Libra with Mars in Gemini

Lots of fun sex. Both want to have fun, uncomplicated and unemotional sex, so this match can provide a good release for both, although it may not last long. Mars in Gemini may be too spontaneous for Mars in Libra who may soon tire of this unromantic match.


Mars in Libra with Mars in Cancer

Satisfied sex. Both Mars in Cancer and Mars in Libra want to please their partner and satisfy them sexually, so this can work. Both like romance and want to make love in nice surroundings with a gentle, appreciative lover.


Mars in Libra with Mars in Leo

Satisfied sex. Both Mars in Leo and Mars in Libra love the pleasures of the flesh and Mars in Libra is a willing and adoring slave to pamper and satisfy Mars in Leo's every need. Mars in Leo loves splashing out and lavishing gifts on Mars in Libra.


Mars in Libra with Mars in Virgo

Great sex. Both Mars in Virgo and Mars in Libra want a sex partner who has finesse and style and who is considerate and is willing to please them. Mars in Virgo can be a little shy, who Mars in Libra soon relaxes with their charm. Over time, Mars in Virgo can get annoyed with Mars in Libra’s superficiality.


Mars in Libra with Mars in Libra

Romantic, satisfying sex. Both are romantic, flirty and attractive and want to please the other in all ways. They know exactly what to do to turn each other on.


Mars in Libra with Mars in Scorpio

Incompatible sex styles. Mars in Libra is a little scared of Mars in Scorpio's intense sexual needs, while Mars in Scorpio finds Mars in Libra a little too superficial. Wont last long.


Mars in Libra with Mars in Sagittarius

Physical sex. Mars in Libra enjoys being the recipient of Mars in Saggitarius’ strong libido and physical sexuality, while Mars in Sagittarius is excited by such a willing lover.


Mars in Libra with Mars in Capricorn

Cool sex. While there may be an initial attraction, because they are both attracted to each other's finesse and style, sex may be a little too cool on both sides. Mars in Libra likes things to be a little superficial and Mars in Capricorn needs a more lusty lover to bring out their bad side.


Mars in Libra with Mars in Aquarius

Short-term sex. While both Mars in Libra and Mars in Aquarius are cerebral signs and both want unemotional and uncomplicated sex, Mars in Aquarius is too kinky for Mars in Libra who, although they want to please their lover, cannot get into Mars in Aquarius’ need for constant kinky sex.


Mars in Libra with Mars in Pisces

Satisfying sex. Mars in Libra provides all the romantic flourishes that Mars in Pisces needs to be satisfied. Both want to please their lover. The only problem could be that Mars in Libra may be a little too superficial for Mars in Pisces who needs sex to be an emotional (not just romantic) union.


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