Sex Signs - Capricorn

Mars in Capricorn

Lusty and persistent lover

Mars in Capricorn makes you a little reserved when it comes to sex. You do not show your sexy side immediately, but once you do, your partner is in for quite a ride, literally.

You have a lot of endurance and don’t rush sex with your lover. You tend to stick to techniques that you know well. You are not looking for a wild sexual experience - conventional and straightforward is your style.

You expect a lot from a lover and can be quite demanding, but are also willing to give a lot in return. Your partner will be very happy with your sex technique because you will not stop until they are completely satisfied.

Your only downfall is that you may be too serious and a little too unwilling to experiment some new sex moves with your partner.



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Women with Mars in Capricorn

What are women with Mars in Capricorn specifically like ?

  • Need a man who is patient, until you open up and let him in, literally
  • Assertive and uninhibited when you are really comfortable with a lover
  • Have great endurance and expect your lover to satisfy your sexual urges for hours on end
  • Very loyal to your lover, as long as he never loses his money, status or power
  • Not known for her kinkiness, but may be into bondage a little
  • Appreciate a man who is hardworking and powerful


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Men with Mars in Capricorn

What are men with Mars in Capricorn specifically like ?

  • The original stud, you have amazing endurance when it comes to sex with your partner
  • Normally very faithful, you can think of nothing more fruitless and boring as chatting up lots of women
  • Very little desire for kinky sex
  • Strategically organise your sex sessions with your partner to be private and discrete
  • When you are totally aroused by a partner, you become a Neanderthal, your virility is legendary
  • Attracted to women who have class, style and will always put her man first


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Celebrities with Mars in Capricorn

Who are the celebrities with this love style?

  • Aaliyah
  • Bjork
  • Bob Geldof
  • Bob Marley
  • Brad Pitt
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • Christina Aguilera
  • David Bowie
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Ellen Barkin
  • Elvis Costello
  • Ewan McGregor
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Julia Roberts
  • Keith Urban
  • Kirk Douglas
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Marlon Brando
  • Marvin Gaye
  • Matthew McConaughey
  • Michael Hutchence
  • Nicolas Cage
  • Olsen Twins
  • Orlando Bloom
  • Shakira
  • Sharon Stone
  • Steven Spielberg


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Mars in Capricorn compatibility with others

Who is the right person for your sex style?

Who are the right partners for those with Mars in Capricorn? To find your Mars placement, click here:


Mars in Capricorn with Mars in Aries

Incompatible sex. Mars in Aries wants exciting, spontaneous, unplanned sex, while Mars in Capricorn plans everything and is not very wild.


Mars in Capricorn with Mars in Taurus

Dependable, earthy sex. Mars in Taurus loves Mars in Capricorn’s dependable sex technique, while Mars in Capricorn enjoys Mars in Taurus’ sensual nature. Both have a lot of stamina.


Mars in Capricorn with Mars in Gemini

Different sex styles. Mars in Gemini wants to have spontaneous sex with plenty of variety, while Mars in Capricorn is more conservative and serious. Not recommended for either.


Mars in Capricorn with Mars in Cancer

Opposites attract. Mars in Cancer gives Mars in Capricorn emotionally satisfying sex, while Mars in Capricorn gives Mars in Cancer the stability and security they need. Both take sex seriously. Lusty, sensuous lovemaking.


Mars in Capricorn with Mars in Leo

Incompatible sex styles. Mars in Leo is a passionate exhibitionist, while Mars in Capricorn is sensible, serious and wants planned sex. Mars in Capricorn may not give Mars in Leo enough attention to make union this last.


Mars in Capricorn with Mars in Virgo

Satisfying sex. Both Mars in Virgo and Mars in Capricorn are earthy and sensuous and can really satisfy each other’s sexual needs. Both like to keep their sex affairs private. You feel very comfortable and safe with each other.


Mars in Capricorn with Mars in Libra

Cool sex. While there may be an initial attraction, because they are both attracted to each other's finesse and style, sex may be a little too cool on both sides. Mars in Libra likes things to be a little superficial and Mars in Capricorn needs a more lusty lover to bring out their bad side.


Mars in Capricorn with Mars in Scorpio

Satisfying sex. Mars in Scorpio provides a lot of passion and intensity, while Mars in Capricorn provides security and stability. Mars in Scorpio's intense erotic nature brings out the earthy lustiness of Mars in Capricorn, whose endurance and sensuality totally fulfils Mars in Scorpio.


Mars in Capricorn with Mars in Sagittarius

Incompatible sex styles. Mars in Sagittarius wants a fun, playful and dynamic lover who will have sex anywhere at any time, whereas Mars in Capricorn is serious and wants more decorum in their sex partner. Wont work.


Mars in Capricorn with Mars in Capricorn

Satisfying sex. Both are very cautious and serious about sex and will not commit to it unless they are sure it has long-term prospects. Both want a partner who is willing to satisfy their every desire. Both love rules and regulations.


Mars in Capricorn with Mars in Aquarius

Totally incompatible sex styles. Mars in Capricorn is very conservative and serious, while Mars in Aquarius is the kinky sex sign of the zodiac. Very different sex styles that do not match well.


Mars in Capricorn with Mars in Pisces

Mutually satisfying sex. Mars in Capricorn likes to take the lead and dominate, which totally suits Mars in Pisces who needs to be told what to do. Mars in Pisces wants to fulfil their lover's every erotic desire and Mars in Capricorn provides the stability to sustain this union in the long term.


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