Sex Signs - Cancer

Mars in Cancer

Sex to you means making love

Mars in Cancer placement find it difficult to have sex without the love of a permanent partner. You view sex is the ultimate emotional experience of intimacy between you and your partner and need it to be with someone you love.

You are sensitive and emotional. You need lots of romance, affection and attention with the sex from your partner, otherwise you may feel a bit empty inside. You want to feel loved.

Mars in Cancer placement is one of the signs known to cry at the height of passion - they can be so overwhelmed making love to a partner, that that is their release.

You want to satisfy all of your partners needs in bed. Even though you are not particularly adventurous sexually, no request in bed from your partner is too much for you. You aim to satisfy.

You are quite traditional and prefer to make love somewhere comfortable (preferably your bed). There are some people with Mars in Cancer who can become promiscuous in order to feel attractive and wanted, but this is not their preferred mode of being.

Your moodiness needs to be reined in, because it can tear a rift between you and your partner, especially if you retreat and do not talk about what is bothering you.



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Women with Mars in Cancer

What are women with Mars in Cancer specifically like ?

  • A very emotional lover, needs to be in love to have sex
  • Not very sexually demanding
  • Are totally loyal to your partner and will not usually stray
  • Very conventional and has no need to be kinky (unless you have been drinking a lot, when you may go crazy)
  • Very jealous and possessive of your lover
  • Are attracted to sensitive, caring men who will treat you with loving respect and who will "make love" to you


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Men with Mars in Cancer

What are men with Mars in Cancer specifically like ?

  • Your sexuality is tied to your mood - if unhappy with your partner, you wont be able to perform well
  • A very loyal lover and wont usually stray
  • Very considerate lover, who will try to satisfy your partner’s needs
  • Totally obsessed with women’s breasts (if straight) - this can almost become a kinky obsession
  • Are attracted to sensitive and caring women who will understand your need to have emotional sex


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Celebrities with Mars in Cancer

Who are the celebrities with this love style?

  • Burt Lancaster
  • Diane Keaton
  • Dolly Parton
  • Eddie Murphy
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Kim Wilde
  • Liza Minnelli
  • Penélope Cruz
  • Tony Curtis
  • Tim Curry
  • Tommy Lee
  • Vivien Leigh
  • William Shatner


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Mars in Cancer compatibility with others

Who is the right person for your sex style?

Who are the right partners for those with Mars in Cancer? To find your Mars placement, click here:


Mars in Cancer with Mars in Aries

Lovers who may are not often in synch. Mars in Aries is quickly aroused and wants fast, furious sex with few complications, while Mars in Cancer wants love with their sex and lots of strings attached. May work if there are other compatible factors in the charts.


Mars in Cancer with Mars in Taurus

Tuned in sex. Both Mars in Taurus and Mars in Cancer want a lover who is responsive to their needs and who will make them feel secure. Mars in Taurus gives Mars in Cancer the stability they need. This combination produces sensual sex that is memorable for both.


Mars in Cancer with Mars in Gemini

Mismatched sexual needs. Mars in Gemini is way too changeable for Mars in Cancer, who wants to have sex with a reliable partner. Mars in Cancer is too emotional during sex for Mars in Gemini.


Mars in Cancer with Mars in Cancer

Sensual, emotional sex. Both have the same sexual needs - they need to feel loved before they can have a satisfying sexual experience. Both understand and can fulfil the needs of each other.


Mars in Cancer with Mars in Leo

Selfish sex. Mars in Cancer is a willing lover who tries to please their lover. Mars in Leo needs constant attention from a lover. This may work for a while until Mars in Leo’s demands become too much for Mars in Cancer, when sex becomes all about Mars in Leos needs and Mars in Cancer feels unfulfilled.


Mars in Cancer with Mars in Virgo

Exciting sex, if it happens. Both Mars in Cancer and Mars in Virgo can be shy, so it may never happen in the first place. But when it does, expect to be very fulfilled.


Mars in Cancer with Mars in Libra

Satisfied sex. Both Mars in Cancer and Mars in Libra want to please their partner and satisfy them sexually, so this can work. Both like romance and want to make love in nice surroundings with a gentle, appreciative lover.


Mars in Cancer with Mars in Scorpio

Emotionally intense sex. Mars in Cancer understands Mars in Scorpio's need for emotional sex, while Mars in Scorpio demands total loyalty which Mars in Cancer is only too happy to provide. Both are very moody (especially Mars in Cancer), so this could result in an impasse.


Mars in Cancer with Mars in Sagittarius

Incompatible sex. Mars in Cancer needs a faithful, emotionally sensitive partner, while Mars in Sagittarius wants fun, freedom and variety. Mars in Cancer will never find the security they need from Mars in Sagittarius, while Mars in Sagittarius will feel restricted by Mars in Cancer’s need for security.


Mars in Cancer with Mars in Capricorn

Opposites attract. Mars in Cancer gives Mars in Capricorn emotionally satisfying sex, while Mars in Capricorn gives Mars in Cancer the stability and security they need. Both take sex seriously. Lusty, sensuous lovemaking.


Mars in Cancer with Mars in Aquarius

Incompatible sex styles. Mars in Cancer is too emotional and needy for Mars in Aquarius who wants it kinky and unemotional. At worse, Mars in Cancer will feel unloved and moody, while Mars in Aquarius will distance themselves even more emotionally.


Mars in Cancer with Mars in Pisces

Emotional sexual union. Both are emotional, intense and need to feel loved to have satisfying sex. Both want to please and fulfil the sexual needs of the other one. Both need romance and feelings.


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