The Planets - The Sun

The Sun - Inner Self

Planet of the inner self

The Sun is the main focus in the solar system - it is the centre point which all other planets and other bodies revolve around.

The Sun influences and shows the real person, the underlying temperament that exists all through a person’s life. The Sun, while an important luminary in a person's chart, is not the only major influencing factor.



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The Sun - placement in the chart

Inner-self style

Where the Sun is placed in a person’s chart shows the basic personality, what the person is really like deep down and who they really are.

Basically the Sun represents:

  • Authority
  • Leadership
  • Masculine principle
  • Success

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Interesting Bits about The Sun

What else?

  • Symbolises - Inner self and ego
  • Rules - Leo
  • Exaltation - Aries
  • Detriment - Aquarius
  • Fall - Libra
  • Part of Body Ruled By The Sun - Heart, upper back, spleen, circulatory system, sperm, eyes


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