The Planets - The Moon

The Moon - Emotions

Planet of the emotions

The Moon is not a planet, but a luminary, a celestial body in the sky, which exerts a strong influence on the person.

The Moon represents the emotions, instinct, and the various phases of a person’s moods and feelings.

The Moon rules the outer personality, it is opposite to the Sun, which shows the person’s individuality.

The Moon shows how a person interacts with their surroundings and other people. The Moon shows how a person reacts instinctively before they have a chance to think.



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The Moon - placement in the chart

Emotional style

Where the Moon is placed in a person’s chart shows where a person will feel their emotional highs and lows.

Basically the Moon represents:

  • Desires and needs
  • Feelings
  • Feminine principle
  • Instinct
  • Mood
  • Nurturing
  • Receptivity

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Interesting Bits about The Moon

What else?

  • Symbolises - Domesticity, nurturing urge
  • Rules - Cancer
  • Exaltation - Taurus
  • Detriment - Capricorn
  • Fall - Scorpio
  • Part of Body Ruled By The Moon - Breasts, stomach, lymphatic system, digestion, hormonal secretions, eyes


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