The Planets - Neptune

Neptune - Intuition

Planet of spirituality

Neptune is named after the ancient Roman God of the Sea, who ruled the oceans, seas, streams, lakes and other watery domains as well as everything hidden under the water.

Neptune is the planet of idealism and spirituality. It rules that which is hidden, subconscious and not really here. It also represents intuition, psychic abilities, higher ideals and unexplained events.

On the positive side, Neptune represents creative talents, imagination, mystery and glamour. On the negative side, Neptune is also the planet of deception, confusion and fraud.



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Neptune - placement in the chart

Fantasy style

Where Neptune is placed in a person’s chart shows the way a person can deceive themselves and others, yet conversely it also shows the way they pursue the ideal.

Neptune affects generations of people as it is such a slow moving planet, so while it wont have a direct effect on an individual, it will have a general affect on them.

Basically Neptune represents:

  • Delusion
  • Dreams
  • Fantasy
  • Illusion
  • Mystique
  • Spirituality

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Interesting Bits about Neptune

What else?

  • Symbolises - Spirituality, dreams and fantasy
  • Rules - Pisces
  • Exaltation - not yet established
  • Detriment - Virgo
  • Fall - not yet established
  • Part of Body Ruled By Neptune - Spinal column, nerves, feet, pineal glands, ESP, white blood cells


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