Palmistry - The Mounts: Upper Mars

Mount of Upper Mars

What is it?

The Mount of Upper Mars is located directly above the Mount of Luna, close to the Mount of Mercury. It is called the Negative Mars, especially when it is a large mount.

The level of development of this mount (whether it is flat, medium or quite high and thick in relation to the rest of the palm), gives a very clear understanding about your mental energy, intellectual capacity and ability to handle and cope with life's ups and downs.


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Markings on the Mount of Upper Mars

What do these little marks mean?

Various markings on the Mount of Upper Mars, tell you more about this area. Listed are some of the more common markings that exist on the Mount of Upper Mars:

  • cross - try not to make any open or secret enemies, who may try to disrupt your life
  • grille - inability to cope with life's ups and downs
  • square - protection against the actions of enemies, who wont be able to do anything to hurt you
  • star - born fighter, very courageous and will stand up for your rights, very jealous and quick to anger
  • triangle - an excellent sign, you are calm in a crisis, very strategic and tactical and make an excellent military leader


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Mount of Upper Mars - Key Meanings

What are the themes of this mount?

The Mount of Upper Mars has the following key meanings:

  • self-control
  • levels of anger
  • ability to control anger
  • sarcasm
  • versatility
  • intelligence
  • courage or cowardice


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