Palmistry - The Mounts: Saturn

Mount of Saturn

What is it?

The Mount of Saturn is located directly under the Middle (Saturn) Finger and when looking at this mount, it is also advisable to have a look at the Fate line too.

The level of development of this mount (whether it is flat, medium or quite high and thick in relation to the rest of the palm), gives a very clear understanding about your your aptitude to studying, attitude to your responsibilities and your mental stability.


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Markings on the Mount of Saturn

What do these little marks mean?

Various markings on the Mount of Saturn, tell you more about this area. Listed are some of the more common markings that exist on the Mount of Saturn:

  • cross - you go overboard with everything you do, planning to the most minute detail and plan everything well in advance
  • grille - depressive tendencies, melancholic nature
  • square - protection from anything that could potentially harm you
  • star - potential to be led astray by others, which could lead to illegal activities
  • triangle - interested in the occult, pessimistic nature, but incredibly intelligent and able to see through anyone


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Mount of Saturn - Key Meanings

What are the themes of this mount?

The Mount of Saturn has the following key meanings:

  • temperament and demeanour
  • attitudes to duties and responsibilities
  • mental stability
  • ability to study well (or not)
  • physical endurance
  • attitude work and career


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