Palmistry - The Mounts: Luna (Moon)

Mount of Luna (Moon)

What is it?

The Mount of Luna (Moon) is generally located on the outer edge of the palm, opposite the thumb. It is the between the end of the head line and the base of the wrist. When looking at this mount, it is also advisable to have a look at the Intuition Line too.

The Mount of Luna (Moon) relates to the imagination and creativity and also to intuition.

The level of development of this mount (whether it is flat, medium or quite high and thick in relation to the rest of the palm), gives a very clear understanding about your creativity and imagination.


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Markings on the Mount of Luna (Moon)

What do these little marks mean?

Various markings on the Mount of Luna (Moon), tell you more about this area. Listed are some of the more common markings that exist on the Mount of Luna (Moon):

  • cross - restless dreamer
  • grille - over active imagination and fears
  • square - protection in travel, intelligent and wise
  • star - brilliant imagination, can be very successful with creativity
  • triangle - intuitive, creative and imaginative


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Mount of Luna (Moon) - Key Meanings

What are the themes of this mount?

The Mount of Luna (Moon) has the following key meanings:

  • creativity
  • imagination
  • psychic ability
  • communication skills


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