Palmistry - The Mounts: Jupiter

Mount of Jupiter

What is it?

This mount is located directly under the Index (Jupiter) Finger and used to be called the "Great Fortune", as Jupiter is the planet of luck, good fortune and expansion.

The level of development of this mount (whether it is flat, medium or quite high and thick in relation to the rest of the palm), gives a very clear understanding about your leadership skills and ambitions.


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Markings on the Mount of Jupiter

What do these little marks mean?

Various markings on the Mount of Jupiter, tell you more about this area. Listed are some of the more common markings that exist on the Mount of Jupiter:

  • cross - marry for love (not money or any other reason), humble and polite
  • grille - bossy, overbearing and egotistic
  • square - protection against theft or loss of material possessions and money
  • star - great communicator, aspirations and ambitions will be achieved
  • triangle - high expectations, great with people


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Mount of Jupiter - Key Meanings

What are the themes of this mount?

The Mount of Jupiter has the following key meanings:

  • ambitions
  • leadership skills
  • social skills
  • confidence (or lack of)
  • organisational skills


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