Palmistry - The Mounts: Apollo (Sun)

Mount of Apollo (Sun)

What is it?

The Mount of Apollo (also called the Mount of the Sun) is located directly under the Ring (Apollo) Finger and when looking at this mount, it is also advisable to have a look at the Sun line too.

The level of development of this mount (whether it is flat, medium or quite high and thick in relation to the rest of the palm), gives a very clear understanding about your creativity and artistic ability.


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Markings on the Mount of Apollo

What do these little marks mean?

Various markings on the Mount of Apollo, tell you more about this area. Listed are some of the more common markings that exist on the Mount of Apollo:

  • cross - discouragement of hopes and dreams (but if the Sun line goes beyond the cross, there is hope yet to be successful)
  • grille - very pushy and disillusioned when your pushiness does not get you the kind of results you want
  • square - positive and protective of suffering any bad setbacks in life; enthusiastic and optimistic
  • star - sign of very good luck, brings wealth and success using your creative talents; assistance from influential people
  • triangle - scientific mind, suited to working in the field of medicine


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Mount of Apollo (Sun) - Key Meanings

What are the themes of this mount?

The Mount of Apollo (Sun) has the following key meanings:

  • sociability
  • creativity
  • artistic ability
  • success (or not) with artistic ability or creativity
  • appreciation (or lack) of the finer things in life
  • disposition


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