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Sun Line

Where is this line located?

Palmistry - Lines: Sun Line

The Sun Line is found on many hands, and is located close to the Fate Line, usually running alongside it (so is sometimes referred as a Double Fate Line).

The Sun Line is also called the Line of Success, Fortune Line, Apollo Line. The Sun Line has similar meaning to the Fate Line.

The Sun Line tells you about:

  • potential for success
  • your talents and abilities
  • influence of others in your success
  • creative abilities that will show success

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Below are some of the ways that this line can appear, but they are many variations that this line can appear on the palm.


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Sun Line: starts between Head & Heart Lines

Forked sun line

A Sun Line that starts between the Head Line and Heart Line and ends on the Mount of Apollo (Sun) with a fork at the end of the line, indicates a career that is not very fulfilling.


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Sun Line: starts near the wrist

Very long sun line

A very long Sun Line that starts near the wrist and travels up the palm, to the Middle (Apollo) Finger, indicates a very happy, successful life with a lot of creative ability and using the creative talents to bring success.


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