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Ring of Saturn

Where is this line located?

Palmistry - Lines: Ring of Saturn Line

The Ring of Saturn is found on very few hands, and is a loop that encircles the Middle (Saturn) Finger, at the top of the Mount of Saturn.

The presence of the Ring of Saturn on a palm, normally signifies that a person is a little staid, boring and tends to be cut off from the environment around them.

The Ring of Saturn tells you about:

  • your ability to finish what you start
  • whether you are a loner or not

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Below are some of the ways that this line can appear, but they are many variations that this line can appear on the palm.


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Ring of Saturn: well-defined

Well-defined Ring of Saturn

With a well-defined Ring of Saturn shows that you may not have the ability to finish your projects and succeed in your plans (of which you have many). You may also be a bit of a loner, preferring your own company to being with other people.


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