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Mars Line

Where is this line located?

Palmistry - Lines: Mars Lines

The Mars Line is found on only a few hands. It is also known as the Inner Life Line, as it is located inside the Mount of Venus, running partly along the length of the Life Line.

The Mars Line can sometimes start at the Mount of Lower Mars.

The Mars Line gives more strength to a Life Line (especially if it is a weak one).

The Mars Line tells you about:

  • your resilience (to life, illness, setbacks, obstacles)
  • your ability to handle shock
  • your protection from any serious illness

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Below are some of the ways that this line can appear, but they are many variations that this line can appear on the palm.


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Line of Mars: encircling the Life Line

Long line of Mars

When the Line of Mars completely encircles a lot of the Life Line, this is an excellent indicator for great vitality and resilience against any type of illness, accidents or adversity. It can actually strengthen a weak Life Line to minimise against any obstacles or misfortune.


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Line of Mars: thin in parts

Line Mars that fades in and out

A Line of Mars that thins out in any part, but becomes strong again indicates that you may have a benefactor who goes out of your life for a while, but who comes back again. You tend to depend on this person, but should realise you can stand on your own.


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Line of Mars: cuts through the Life Life

Line of Mars that cuts the Life line

When the Line of Mars cuts through the Life Line and comes out of the Mount of Venus, this indicates that you may not have a happy family life and be fighting with them. Do not dwell on this, just try to make changes for the better.


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