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Marriage Line(s)

Where are these lines located?

Palmistry - Lines: Marriage/Relationship Lines

The Marriage Line(s) are short lines which are found on most hands, and are located at the side of the hand near of the Little Finger, but they can also be directly on the Mount of Mercury too. The Marriage Lines are also called Affection Lines, Lines of Union or Affair Lines. In order to work out if marriage is in the future, it is necessary to look at other lines in the hand, especially the Life Line.

The Marriage Line(s) tell you about:

  • the number of marriages (or significant relationships)
  • the length of marriages (or significant relationships)
  • any splits in the marriages (or significant relationships)

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Below are some of the ways that this line can appear, but they are many variations that this line can appear on the palm.


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Marriage Line(s): one short, but deep

Short, thick marriage line

One very short, yet deep and thick marriage line on the side of the Mount of Mercury, indicates that there will be an intense relationship, which although it may not last long, its effects on you will be long-lasting (in a positive way).


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Marriage Line(s): one, long and straight

A clear, deep and straight marriage line

One marriage line, on the side of the Mount of Mercury, that is deep, straight and clear, indicates that you will have one meaningful and lasting relationship, that is loving and fulfilling.


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Marriage Line(s): several

Several marriage line

Several marriage lines, on the side of the Mount of Mercury, indicates that you will have several intense, long-term relationships throughout your life. The length of the relationship is indicated by the length and strength of the marriage line.


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