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Loyalty Lines

Where is this line located?

Palmistry - Lines: Loyalty Lines

The Loyalty Line(s) is found on many hands, and is a series of medium sized fine lines, close to one another, located on the Mount of Venus, starting at the base of the middle of the Thumb and heading towards the Life Line.

There are normally a few Loyalty Lines, close together.

The Loyalty Line(s) tells you about:

  • your feelings about your family (and other loved ones)
  • how well you get along with your family (and other loved ones)
  • how close you are with your family (and other loved ones)
  • how important your family (and other loved ones) is to you

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Below are some of the ways that this line can appear, but they are many variations that this line can appear on the palm.


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Loyalty Lines: many

Locating these Loyalty lines

Having Loyalty Lines on the Mount of Venus indicate that you will work closely with your family, either in the family business or just helping your family in some way.


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Loyalty Lines: touching the Life Line

Loyalty lines touching the Life line

When one of the Loyalty Lines touches the Life Line, this indicates that you have an exceptionally strong relationship to one or both of your parents and feel a great attachment to them.


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