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Line of Intuition

Where is this line located?

Palmistry - Lines: Intuition Line

The Intuition Line is found on some hands (it can missing or just very faint), and is located near the Mount of Luna, starting at on or near the wrist. It is usually semi-circular or curved line and ends on the Mount of Mercury.

The Intuition Line is referred to as the Sister Health Line as it is so close to the Health Line.

The Intuition Line tells you about:

  • how good your intuition is
  • how high your perceptive abilities are
  • your level of foresight

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Below are some of the ways that this line can appear, but they are many variations that this line can appear on the palm.


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Line of Intuition: strong line

Strong Intuition Line

A strong Intuition Line indicates that you are very emotionally sensitive and have a psychic gift of some sort.


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Line of Intuition: faint

Faint Intuition line

When the Line of Intuition is faint, it has the same meaning as above, but to a lesser degree.


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