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Psychic Hand

What does it look like?

Palmistry - Psychic Hand Type

The Psychic Hand is long, slender and delicate, with pointed fingers and a thin palm. A pure psychic hand is very rare to find. More common are other types of hands (especially the Conic) with some of the features of the Psychic Hand.

The Psychic Hand belongs to the totally idealistic and very impractical person, who can tend to be melancholic and emotionally unstable.


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Psychic Hand General Characteristics

What else?

There are specific features of the psychic hand type:

  • extremely idealistic
  • very sensitive
  • ruled by their emotions
  • impractical
  • illogical

To be a true psychic hand, there needs to be a Psychic Cross on the Fate Line, without this, the hand is either a Mixed Hand or Conic Hand.



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