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August 2008

This month's numbers

Winter is coming to a close this month (for those of us in the southern hemisphere), which means spring and new life is just around the corner - rejoice for the spring.

Those in the northern hemisphere are at the end of their summer.

August is a 8 month, which when combined with the year 2008 becomes a 9 month (2+0+0+8 = 10 and 1+8 = 9). This is a special month as means it is the ending of one cycle with the culmination of the lessons learnt to be reinforced this month. This is a great month as it see you being urged by the universe to take strength from the fact that while there may not be a great deal of action in most people's numerological charts, it does have some benefits, as it is more reflective and allows you to give your all to yourself and your lessons. Learn them well, for you wont get the same opportunities for a while.


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Individual Number Forecast

What does this month hold in store for you?


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