Taurus - Forecast August 2008

General Planetary Action - August 2008

What energy the stars are creating this month

This month there is some major planetary energy happening (with two eclipses - one to the sun and another to the moon), which of course means this is going to be an intense and emotional month for some people more than others, while some signs will feel the positivity of this energy and become more energised and use it to their advantage to get their dreams started. There two eclipses cause some conflicting energy - with delays and obstacles around the middle of the month (lunar eclipse), while the solar eclipse is sending wonderfully positive energy to buoy everyone.

The reason the solar eclipse is so positive is because it occurs in the Sun's natural placement - Leo, so it is exalting (beneficial and enhanced) in this placement, whereas the the lunar eclipse is more difficult because it is in a difficult placement - Aquarius, which is in a difficult angle to the Moon's natural ruler (Cancer), so this is why there are more problems associated with the lunar eclipse.

The planetary energy this month:

  • 1 August - solar eclipse in Leo
  • 8 August - first quarter moon
  • 16 August - lunar eclipse in Aquarius
  • 16 August - full moon
  • 23 August - last quarter moon


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Making your dreams a reality

This is magical month for you, where you can may actually dream yours dreams into reality.

The start of August finds you enjoying your family relations a lot more, feeling more tied, but in a positive way with your loved ones.

The solar eclipse new moon takes place in your house of home, family and loved ones so again, it shows you will be staying at home, receiving more welcome visits from your relatives, or even visiting them yourself. You will bond even better than you have ever bonded before, which will be a really nice time for you.

One note of caution this month, you need to take care to understand the difference between idealism and self-deception, to enable you to stay more grounded in reality. Luckily, the first quarter moon on 8 August does give you the nudge and reality check that you need.

The full moon and lunar eclipse on Saturday 16 August will cause you to think more idealistically again, but this time it will be with some realism, so you know what is really achievable. You are more balanced and will be in a better place to take advantage of the ideas that you had earlier in the month, but now you can instill more practicality in them to make them achievable.

You could benefit from writing about your idealistic visions and your feelings around them, or even sharing them with a close friend. It will probably help you solidify your plans a little more as your friend or the paper becomes your sounding board.

The rest of the month allows you to give more thought to your plans/ideals/visions and how you would like to achieve them so that you can be at the place where you would like to be. You may find yourself thinking about past circumstances a little wistfully, as you come to realise how they placed you on the path you are on now (some may be a little painful), but rest assured that this is just the journey you must travel to reach the place you want to be at and the person you want to be.


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Individual Star Sign Forecast

What do the star hold in store for you this month?


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