Sagittarius - Forecast August 2008

General Planetary Action - August 2008

What energy the stars are creating this month

This month there is some major planetary energy happening (with two eclipses - one to the sun and another to the moon), which of course means this is going to be an intense and emotional month for some people more than others, while some signs will feel the positivity of this energy and become more energised and use it to their advantage to get their dreams started. There two eclipses cause some conflicting energy - with delays and obstacles around the middle of the month (lunar eclipse), while the solar eclipse is sending wonderfully positive energy to buoy everyone.

The reason the solar eclipse is so positive is because it occurs in the Sun's natural placement - Leo, so it is exalting (beneficial and enhanced) in this placement, whereas the the lunar eclipse is more difficult because it is in a difficult placement - Aquarius, which is in a difficult angle to the Moon's natural ruler (Cancer), so this is why there are more problems associated with the lunar eclipse.

The planetary energy this month:

  • 1 August - solar eclipse in Leo
  • 8 August - first quarter moon
  • 16 August - lunar eclipse in Aquarius
  • 16 August - full moon
  • 23 August - last quarter moon


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Dream your best future into being

This month has an intense and mystical energy which holds great value for you and your future. Even though you may not be feeling particularly stable right now, it does make you appreciate what you have in your life when everything is steady and stable.

At the start of the month the solar eclipse occurs in your house of the higher mind and higher learning. This energy is urging you to travel either in your imagination (through television, movies, the internet or books) or actually making plans to go somewhere, in order to help you broaden your mind and perspective in life. This will help give you another viewpoint about your life and your current situation, from another angle, to help you see it from another perspective and give you a better understanding.

You will also find that your intuition grows with some really amazing intuitions at some points in this month. Learn from them and do not fear them.

This month will allow you to develop your inner spirit to a large extent over this month. You will be renewing yourself at a very basic level, to the very core of your personality, on the spiritual and mental levels. This may cause you to feel a little unsteady because it heralds such big changes for you on all levels. While you are feeling this way, you also know you have an unprecedented freedom to be more yourself than you have ever been, so even though it may be a little uncomfortable, you also instinctively know that it is the best thing for you right now.

The first quarter moon on Friday 8 August may cause you to become more aware of the level of your spiritual and mental development and what difficulties and challenges you may need to overcome in order to succeed.

The energy of the full moon and lunar eclipse on Saturday 16 August is an important time for you, because at this time, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of choices that suddenly open up for you (you may also feel that your spiritual development is contrasting too strongly with the mundane realities of life and it could dishearten you a little). Despite this confusing time, your communication skills are actually quite good at this time, which will allow you to get through the confusion better than you know.

Expect a great achievement or the start of something wonderful in your life towards the end of the month.


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Individual Star Sign Forecast

What do the star hold in store for you this month?


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