Libra - Forecast August 2008

General Planetary Action - August 2008

What energy the stars are creating this month

This month there is some major planetary energy happening (with two eclipses - one to the sun and another to the moon), which of course means this is going to be an intense and emotional month for some people more than others, while some signs will feel the positivity of this energy and become more energised and use it to their advantage to get their dreams started. There two eclipses cause some conflicting energy - with delays and obstacles around the middle of the month (lunar eclipse), while the solar eclipse is sending wonderfully positive energy to buoy everyone.

The reason the solar eclipse is so positive is because it occurs in the Sun's natural placement - Leo, so it is exalting (beneficial and enhanced) in this placement, whereas the the lunar eclipse is more difficult because it is in a difficult placement - Aquarius, which is in a difficult angle to the Moon's natural ruler (Cancer), so this is why there are more problems associated with the lunar eclipse.

The planetary energy this month:

  • 1 August - solar eclipse in Leo
  • 8 August - first quarter moon
  • 16 August - lunar eclipse in Aquarius
  • 16 August - full moon
  • 23 August - last quarter moon


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Harness the magical energy

This is an important month for you, as it will ultimately show you whether you can actually achieve what you have been desiring for a while. The energy of this month will see you sorting through your actions of the past so that you can rebuild your life for the future, from a very idealistic point of view. Since the energy is entirely idealistic with little practical value, it means you may have really high (and unrealistic) expectations, but the benefit is that it will give you a newly found and wonderful optimism that you may have lost recently.

At the start of the month, with the solar eclipse in your house of group associations and future plans, you are thinking about your goals and what opportunities you can take advantage of to pursue your goals. This energy also makes you focus on your place in the world and where you fit in with other. You make more of a conscious decision to associate yourself with people whose goals and values are in tune with yours and if this means that you are less inclined to socialise with those people who do not fit in with this new you, then you need to understand it is okay to do this. We all have to grow up and evolve at some stage and you do not need other people's approval to make those changes in your life.

The first quarter moon on Friday 8 August may be a time for you to really clarify your goals, to sort through what you really want and what you thought you wanted, but now have realised you do not. It could be a little difficult to go through, but once you have made the clarification, you can be more honest with yourself and your desires.

A difficult mid-month period culminated to an advantage by the end of August, creating in you a kind of rebirth when you will put your vision into practicality, building your visions upon the rock of your inner faith.

The energy of the full moon and lunar eclipse on Saturday 16 August will be a catalyst point, where all that which you have been dreaming about and envisioning the past two week starts to solidify in your mind. You can begin to communicate your ideas to other people, but still be attuned to your dreams, knowing that the universe is helping you put these plans into fruition.

The last quarter moon on Saturday 23 August brings you full clarity about where you are heading and how you can veer slightly off course (to get there more quickly) without changing your ultimate goals.

This month is an excellent one in which to set your intentions (tell the universe exactly what you want) and watch it unfold, since the power of this month is magical.


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Individual Star Sign Forecast

What do the star hold in store for you this month?


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