Gemini - Forecast August 2008

General Planetary Action - August 2008

What energy the stars are creating this month

This month there is some major planetary energy happening (with two eclipses - one to the sun and another to the moon), which of course means this is going to be an intense and emotional month for some people more than others, while some signs will feel the positivity of this energy and become more energised and use it to their advantage to get their dreams started. There two eclipses cause some conflicting energy - with delays and obstacles around the middle of the month (lunar eclipse), while the solar eclipse is sending wonderfully positive energy to buoy everyone.

The reason the solar eclipse is so positive is because it occurs in the Sun's natural placement - Leo, so it is exalting (beneficial and enhanced) in this placement, whereas the the lunar eclipse is more difficult because it is in a difficult placement - Aquarius, which is in a difficult angle to the Moon's natural ruler (Cancer), so this is why there are more problems associated with the lunar eclipse.

The planetary energy this month:

  • 1 August - solar eclipse in Leo
  • 8 August - first quarter moon
  • 16 August - lunar eclipse in Aquarius
  • 16 August - full moon
  • 23 August - last quarter moon


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Communicating and connecting with others

This month sees you wanting to communicate and connect even more with other people than you normally do. This is due to the solar eclipse occurring in your house of communication. While you are a natural communication, this extra attention on others may help you explore your own self a little more. Not only will you connect more with other people, but you will want to write a lot more, so find yourself a diary (or online one) and pour down all your thoughts and feelings without fear. It's your choice on whether you want to make your writing private or public.

You may also find that you take a new path in terms of your career, which is based on your "gut feelings" or some other idealistic thoughts. You will use your logic of course, which is abundant, but it wont sway you or cause you to make a final decision as you intuition or emotions may. This change in your career may not manifest for a few months yet, but it will.

The firs quarter moon on Friday 8 August is a time of intensity, which will cause you to rethink some old patterns that may not be so good for you, as they tend to cause you to stumble and fall, not letting you go very far, when you need to be soaring high and achieving your life's goals. The great thing is that because you are rethinking these patters, it gives you the opportunity to change them - if you want to.

The energy of the full moon and lunar eclipse on Saturday 16 August will cause you to become more attuned to the universe and all things mysterious. You may be a little confused, wondering what have you opened yourself up to, but just take it easy and let go of any expectations (good or bad) and the rest will work itself out.

The last quarter moon on Saturday 23 August may cause you to feel that you need to hurry up and get your life going in the direction you need it to go. It is at this time, when you start to make sense of some of of what has transpired or you have experienced recently. Just go with the flow and let the universe reveal all to you.


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Individual Star Sign Forecast

What do the star hold in store for you this month?


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