Aquarius - Forecast August 2008

General Planetary Action - August 2008

What energy the stars are creating this month

This month there is some major planetary energy happening (with two eclipses - one to the sun and another to the moon), which of course means this is going to be an intense and emotional month for some people more than others, while some signs will feel the positivity of this energy and become more energised and use it to their advantage to get their dreams started. There two eclipses cause some conflicting energy - with delays and obstacles around the middle of the month (lunar eclipse), while the solar eclipse is sending wonderfully positive energy to buoy everyone.

The reason the solar eclipse is so positive is because it occurs in the Sun's natural placement - Leo, so it is exalting (beneficial and enhanced) in this placement, whereas the the lunar eclipse is more difficult because it is in a difficult placement - Aquarius, which is in a difficult angle to the Moon's natural ruler (Cancer), so this is why there are more problems associated with the lunar eclipse.

The planetary energy this month:

  • 1 August - solar eclipse in Leo
  • 8 August - first quarter moon
  • 16 August - lunar eclipse in Aquarius
  • 16 August - full moon
  • 23 August - last quarter moon


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Relationship concerns

This months starts with the solar eclipse in your house of partnerships, making you even more aware and concerned about your own relationships with loved ones, friends and even business colleagues. You do not want to be solo this month, as you are wont to do a lot of the time. Now is the time for you to nurture those relationships that you may have been neglecting lately and to let go of those relationships which are dysfunctional and damaging you either yourself or the other person. You are learning that in order to be really happy, you need to honour yourself and your own boundaries, so that your relationships can be much healthier for you. Any negative patterns you have developed in any of your relationships will show up now, very clearly and this should help you clear the clutter of your relationship patterns to make them better. You will be as independent as ever, but you will be more aware of what you do.

The first quarter moon on Friday 8 August could see you come across a barrier or hidden obstacles or even conflicts with people around you - your friends, relatives, partner and business associates. While you are in the process of moving through old behavioural patterns, there is a transitional time in between where things seem a little more cloudy nd confused and when the old patterns can continue to be highlighted, but you need to move past this in order to learn and grow and actually put the new patterns into practice. Don't make the mistake of trying to ignore them, as that can cause them to become stronger and occur more often, meaning you will not move past them. Just pay attention to everything that happens around you (even your own thoughts on this) and challenge yourself to try to behave a little differently and this will help you give those old patters the heave-ho.

The energy of the full moon and lunar eclipse on Saturday 16 August represents a climax in your development this month. You will be exploring more of yourself and other people at this time and you may even dig so deep inside that you start to question your own existence on this planet as well as how you fit in this world. You will be more inclined to reach out to other people (more so than usual) but only to a certain level - you don't have the capacity this month to go deeper with relationships and you need to let your friends and loved ones know, so they do not feel too neglected.

The last part of the month finds you even more involved in your own transformation on an object level, looking from the surface to the depths of your soul.


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Individual Star Sign Forecast

What do the star hold in store for you this month?


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