Rising Signs - Libra

Creative socialite

Air Sign - Cardinal - Masculine

The person with a Libra ascendant is someone who is the social butterfly, flitting from one conflict to the next, resolving each in turn as you cannot abide disharmony. You are always fair and just in you dealings with everyone. You need to be in a harmonious environment to be happy. Do not like confrontation. You find it hard to make decisions, yet conversely there is a hidden stubborn side and argumentative nature. Tend to be people pleasers.

You are overall very attractive and have very nice features, with a lovely smile. You tend to take care of and be very aware of your appearance. Women are curvy (womanly curves) that men find very attractive.

You are attracted to go-getters, who like to lead and are active.


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Positive Attributes

All the good bits

  • Charming
  • Artistic
  • Graceful
  • Beautiful
  • Love parties and social events
  • Positive outlook - always see the bright side of things
  • Very fair and just
  • Socially adept
  • Romantic
  • Appreciation for art, music and beauty

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Challenging Attributes

Areas of improvement

  • Lazy
  • Indolent
  • Dependent on others - hates being single
  • Can get dragged down emotionally by negative people
  • Indecisive
  • Superficial
  • Weak-willed
  • Fear of taking risks
  • Jealous


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Celebrities with Libra Ascendant

Who are the celebrities with this personality style?

  • Britney Spears
  • Courtney Love
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Ewan McGregor
  • Halle Berry
  • Jennifer Anniston
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Kate Winslet
  • Leonardo diCaprio
  • Michael Jackson


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Interesting Bits

What else?

  • Key Phrase - Naturally charming and graceful
  • Part of Body Ruled By Libra - liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, lumbar area (inlcuding lumbar nerves)
  • Best Colours - sky blue, light green
  • Opposite Sign - Aries
  • Ruling Planet - Venus


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